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Product design project for Seaweed culture Inside the new renewable energy countryside of the future.

  • A new alternative energy generation product from extracting oil from algae.

  • Process of product

  • Inside of product

  • Sketch design

  • Study model and Mock up model


Algae renewable bio-oil production from algae to fill the vehicle with renewable energy from petroleum This product is caused by the problem of running out of petroleum energy and energy shortages. Algae is a new alternative energy.


Petroleum energy is a popular fuel source in many applications, but in production, it is polluting and has a limited amount that will one day run out, so look for alternative energy production. Therefore discovered the extraction of oil from algae, which is a plant that is cultivated and propagated quickly, with not difficult care and is also environmentally friendly, without having to drill oil in the same format, can circulate energy in the area. That is according to the size of the algae culture is cost-effective.


The product has 3 main parts in use, namely the algae cultivation part. algae extraction and oil supply The steps are as follows. 2. Algae are cultivated within the product. 3. The algae slowly flows one tube at a time as specified. 4. Flows to the last tube for filtering and drying before being extracted. 5. Oil and fiber flow to the storage area. 6. The process of separating oil, water, and fiber from each other. 7. The algae are sent to an ultrasonic machine for extraction. 8. People in the area bring their cards to scan to verify their identity. 9. Press the oil dispenser and bring the oil dispenser to fill in the prepared container. 10. Check the remaining oil in your own right. 11. Press the machine to take food fiber for other uses.


We have foreseen the problem of expensive oil for the most remote rural people who work as farmers. Wouldn't it be better if those people could use what they cultivated to help save their expenses? and also benefit from another aspect Therefore, it is the origin of the topic O - ga. Our entire design process begins with research. What can farmers easily cultivate? and can also be processed into oil So we got information that algae can be easily cultivated. Help maintain the condition of the cultured water system. can help reduce carbon dioxide And the water can be processed into oil for use in their agricultural engines. So we decided to focus on designing algae farmland so that we can turn it into oil for farmers. After we have researched the information, we have begun to sketch the design of the appearance and shape and put various functions into the design. We wanted to design it to be able to grow and process oil in a single product. Therefore, the first shape that came out was quite large, so we have developed it until it has the right size and is as realistic as possible. In the development phase, we try to experiment, find information, and improve our algae oil extraction system. Which method is the best possible and can best be applied to our products.


A new alternative energy generation product from extracting oil from algae to be used instead and produced circularly. To be able to use in the community to help save the cost of energy from petroleum. and reducing carbon dioxide gas resulting from the combustion of petroleum, which is The result that will cause global warming.


Consult with a biologist Chemical and Petroleum Engineers in order to find production methods and procedures that are accurate and fast in culturing, extracting oil, and the right amount of oil for the target group. Next, submit topics and request funding from the Ministry of Energy and relevant government or private agencies in case of research and testing by starting to use and develop from small and small communities and continue to develop to wide use at the national level. or the next region Until it is one of the main sources of energy in the world.


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