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The Life Chariot

frontline tested MEDEVAC evacuation trailer

  • The wounded person is transported on the stretchers secured between two rescuers.

  • MEDEVAC trailer test report with TOPR mountain rescue

    MEDEVAC trailer test report with TOPR mountain rescue

  • The tarpaulin protects from mud and dirt but also from the dangers of hypothermia.

  • The high travel off-road suspension provides a smooth ride, which is crucial for an injured person.

  • The steel cage protects the passengers from rolling and from the stones from under the wheels.

  • The concept was created on a 1:1 scale model in virtual reality to emphasise ergonomics.

Do czego to służy

The Life Chariot is an off-road trailer for medics in Ukraine. It is a solution that allows any hook-equipped vehicle for a safe transport of the wounded, regardless of its current load.

Twoja inspiracja

The project is a response to Russian aggression in 2022 and stems from the widespread use of civilian off-road vehicles by the Ukrainian military for equipment transport as well as medical evacuation. 10 years of creating off-road trailers with my father and previous experience designing cave rescue trailers got me thinking about how to help medics on the battlefield.

Jak to działa

The evacuation trailer consists of Da Orffo off-road suspension designed for high speeds thanks to gas-adjustable coilover dampers and longitudinal rocker arms. The upper module is a protective steel cage that is covered with a fireproof tarpaulin that opens at the sides and rear. Inside the upper module there are guides for easy loading and securing the NATO-standard stretcher. On the sides are two strapped seats for rescuers or the more lightly injured. The body also contains two airtight boxes and a roof rack for additional medical equipment.

Proces projektowania

The concept was created around March 2022 using 1:1 scale models in virtual reality to focus attention on ergonomics. Soon after, it was sent to the head of the Ukrainian medical military unit in Donetsk, Ukraine. In response, they sent in a request for such a vehicle. The concept was consulted with mountain rescuers and war correspondents. In June 2022, my father and I founded Da Orffo Automotive and contacted Nowy Styl, which decided to cover the construction costs. The built trailer was delivered to the front line in September. Two months later, we started a second build funded by the Podkarpacki Business Club for the Polish frontline medics of the W Międzyczasie Foundation. The second trailer was tested by TOPR mountain rescuers towing it behind a 6-wheel quad in the Tatra Mountains. The tests confirmed our assumptions and helped to refine the details of the tarpaulin. In the meantime, we were able to raise funds for the body sheeting for the first trailer through an online fundraiser. In June 2023, the second Life Chariot went to Ukraine with Polish rescuers.

Jak to się różni

The trailer's low weight and its well-suspended suspension make it safer for the casualty to ride than in the boot of a car. The interior of the upper body provides space for rescuers to attend to the injured person while driving from the front line to the nearest medical point. The vehicle's construction is repairable in frontline conditions. The adjustable drawbar allows the trailer to be quickly adapted to any vehicle, and can be quickly re-coupled if the towing vehicle fails.

Plany na przyszłość

We've had a lot more enquiries about evacuation trailers, so I'm looking for more founders to help us build them. I am working on adapting the vehicle for mountain rescue purposes. Looking forward to hearing more feedback from the front line.


The Life Chariot was awarded second place in MakeMe Contest at Łódź Design Festival 2023.

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