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The Golden Capsule

The Golden Capsule is a non-powered medicine-injection device for emergencies. Rescuers do not have to move through harsh environments while carrying several intravenous packs in their hands.

  • Main image of Golden Capsule s on-site use scene.

  • YouTube video showing the background, development process, technology, and usage of the product

    YouTube video showing the background, development process, technology, and usage of the product

  • Background to develop the Golden Capsule. Introducing Our Solutions and Unique Sales Points.

  • Description of the type of product. Reason for targeting glucose and normal saline.

  • 2 simple steps to start golden capsule.

  • Golden capsule speed control principle.

Do czego to służy

The Golden Capsule can be used to inject drugs into patients using elastic forces and pressure differences. Unlike existing products that rely on gravity, there is no need to ensure a height difference. It can be used to inject medicines at a uniform speed.

Twoja inspiracja

This year, a Turkish–Syrian earthquake occurred. We observed that someone close to the patient had to continue holding the IV pack. It is difficult to carry multiple IV packs for more than 30 min in dangerous disaster environments. We wish to make it easier for both rescue workers and patients to save the golden time. Therefore, we interviewed medical experts from various countries with experience in dispatching rescue sites. They confirmed that it was very difficult to carry multiple IV packs at a disaster site. Since we received positive feedback from the experts about our idea, we resolved to solve this problem.

Jak to działa

As the golden capsule is a non-powered device, it does not require electricity. Instead, it uses elastic force and air pressure difference rather than gravity. The device consists of a transparent shell and a medicine-filled balloon. During the manufacturing process, the air inside the shell is subtracted, causing the inside of the shell to be at a low pressure. Then, the medicine is instilled into the balloon, which begins to expand. This balloon tends to shrink, but the low pressure inside the shell prevents the medicine in the balloon from leaking out. As air enters the shell, the low-pressure condition is gradually released. The balloon then shrinks, and the fluid is injected into the patient. This allows the injection speed to be controlled by adjusting the amount of air entering the shell. Owing to its strong elasticity, the golden capsule can easily reach full-drip speed, which is often required in emergency situations.

Proces projektowania

To verify the problems related to IV prescriptions at the disaster site, we researched papers and interviewed experts with disaster rescue experience. We obtained data on the real-world situation from four experts, including emergency medical doctors and nurses with field dispatch experience. Based on the interviews, the following design requirements were defined: non-powered, hands-free, operating for at least 30 min, durability, sufficient injection speed, and speed control. Considering the design requirements, we were able to set the final goal for designing the injection device. The most important requirement is to allow fluid injection without lifting the product. To achieve this, we researched many types of forces and existing non-powered devices, except for those using gravity. Consequently, we succeeded in inventing a special operating mechanism which was verified through practical experiments. The experiments were conducted under various conditions to obtain data using a model similar to that of an actual product. Through experimental data, we demonstrated the effectiveness of our product. In addition, we received advice from experts along the way and repeatedly modified the design to obtain a better product.

Jak to się różni

The greatest advantage of the proposed product is that it is unpowered. Many products have attempted to overcome the limitations of existing methods using gravity. However, all these existing products require additional power, such as electricity, to use the product. The Golden Capsule uses only air pressure and the elasticity of balloons; therefore, it does not require electricity, which is difficult to use in disaster situations. In addition, rescue workers can use the Golden Capsule immediately without confusion, even if they encounter it for the first time. This is because the method of use is almost the same as that of the existing product: stick a needle and adjust the roller to speed up. Finally, it can optimise ease and efficiency in the working environment for rescuers because it can be easily fixed to the belt of a stretcher.

Plany na przyszłość

We will conduct experiments in an environment close to an actual use scenario to prepare for various situations to check whether the product works successfully, even when a catheter is attached or when a patient moves. However, prototype improvements are required for mass production. The transparent shell will be manufactured through mould manufacturing using PC(Polycarbonate) materials, and the possibility of bulk manufacturing will be evaluated later. Through this process, we can predict the unit price of the product and its value in terms of business. Finally, we intend to conduct user tests in collaboration with experts.


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