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AVA - Adaptive Versatile Aid for personal hygiene

AVA revolutionizes personal care with adapted dental, shaving, and hairbrush tools. Enhancing personal care for individuals with spasticity. Experience freedom like never before!

  • AVA - Adaptive Versatile Aid for personal hygiene

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  • Embracing Independence & Enhancing Lives

Do czego to służy

Our innovative design addresses the challenge of spasticity by providing adapted handles for toothbrushes, razors, and hairbrushes. We enhance comfort and independence to carry out their daily activities with greater ease and confidence.

Twoja inspiracja

I decided to solve this problem because I am passionate about creating solutions that improve people's lives. I closely observed the difficulties faced by individuals with spasticity in their daily routines, and it deeply moved me. That's when the spark of inspiration came to design a solution that would provide them with greater independence and comfort. I dedicated myself to research, consulted experts, and collaborated with healthcare professionals to bring this innovative idea to life. The desire to make a real difference in people's lives fueled my determination to create a product that is truly useful and transformative.

Jak to działa

AVA's kit features redesigned handles and interchangeable heads. The handles are specifically designed to accommodate individuals with spasticity and provide a better grip. The heads of the toothbrush, hairbrush, and razor have a rotating system that allows the faces of the tools to be positioned at four different angles (0, 90, 180, and 360 degrees). This feature enhances accessibility and adaptability, making it easier for individuals with spasticity to perform these activities.

Proces projektowania

The design of AVA was developed in collaboration with an occupational therapist. We conducted extensive research, including interviews with patients and professionals, to identify the most challenging activities and determine the best design solutions. We went through multiple iterations of prototyping and testing using 3D printing technology to refine the design and ensure its functionality and effectiveness.

Jak to się różni

AVA stands out from other assistive technologies because it combines functionality, ergonomics, adaptability, and aesthetics. We believe that individuals with spasticity should not only have access to functional and adapted products but also feel confident and proud while using them. We have also made efforts to make the manufacturing process cost-effective, addressing the issue of affordability that often arises with such products.

Plany na przyszłość

The vision for AVA in the future is to expand the kit with additional adapted designs and continue improving the lives of people with spasticity in an accessible and affordable manner. We aim to develop a range of products that address different needs and enhance the daily experiences of our users.


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