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Linko - Masonry Construction System

The Linko system implements plastic waste linking inserts for seamless assembly & disassembly of masonry bricks structures, simplifying wall construction & eliminating the necessity for mortar.

  • Linko - Masonry Construction System

  • Recycling plastic waste using Linko the masonry construction system.

    Recycling plastic waste using Linko the masonry construction system.

  • House wall section displaying the Linko masonry construction system.

  • Wall section displaying the use of corner linking inserts.

  • House wall section displaying the Linko masonry construction system.

  • House wall section displaying the Linko masonry construction system.

Para qué sirve

The Linko system revolutionizes masonry construction, using recycled plastic inserts to interconnect bricks & construct walls. It offers simple assembly, reusability & diverse application adaptability, significantly reducing waste & promoting sustainability.

Qué te inspiró

Linko was inspired by witnessing the immense quantity of plastic waste & the surrounding environmental impacts in developing nations. Motivated by these observations, I aimed to develop a long-term, sustainable solution. Recognizing the significant potential of plastic waste material, an opportunity emerged to repurpose discarded plastic waste by leveraging this abundant resource in the construction sector. By garnering widespread industry adoption, Linko would divert & remove enormous quantities of plastic waste material & foster the development of a sustainable closed-loop circular economy, significantly improving environmental impacts.

Cómo funciona

Using the Linko construction system is remarkably straightforward, being likened to assembling Lego blocks in the realm of traditional masonry. During the construction process, as each layer of bricks is laid instead of relying on mortar the bricks are connected & securely locked in place by incorporating the Linko inserts, which are made from recycled plastic waste material. Maintaining the traditional assembly techniques & offsetting each layer of bricks, the Linko inserts are aligned & firmly seated into the channels & holes of the specially designed masonry bricks, tightly interlocking & securing neighboring bricks together, thereby forming a sturdy brick wall. Furthermore, for constructing the structure's corners and internal walls, a 90-degree Linko insert is introduced as a replacement for the standard Linko insert. This adaptation allows for the continuous & seamless construction of brick walls while maintaining the wall's structural integrity.

Proceso de diseño

The development began with exploring if additional polymer additives could be used to improve the inherent drawbacks of plastic material. However, testing revealed that these drawbacks, notably high flammability, could not be adequately mitigated to meet construction regulations & safety standards. To overcome this the composite material was used in conjunction with an existing construction material, specifically masonry bricks, due to the exceptional flame resistance, longevity, & applicational diversity. To further develop the coupling of these materials, CAD modelling was used to rapidly explore potential designs for the linkable inserts & masonry bricks. Promising models were then 3D printed at 10% scale for evaluation & refinement. Building upon the findings, subsequent iterations were produced the refined Linko design. Finite Element Analysis simulations were then used to conduct load force case studies simulations on the Linko insert CAD model design. Encouraged by the results, the CAD model was used to produce full-scale 3D printed Linko inserts, which were then used alongside handmade masonry bricks prototypes to conduct participant research. The data collected was then used to further refine & produce the final Linko construction system product.

Qué lo hace diferente

The plastic Linking inserts are small, simplistic, & easily manufactured, in many respects resembling many other plastic recycled products. However, case studies revealed that a standard house would require thousands of plastic insets, effectively recycling tons of plastic waste within a single dwelling for decades. Moreover, the convenient assembly & disassembly of the Linko system facilitate the repeated reuse of both the links & masonry bricks, enabling effortless renovations or the construction of entirely new structures, significantly extending its long-term usability and reinforcing its sustainability. Furthermore, the system's simplicity, reusability, and adaptability make it particularly valuable for disaster relief & low-income housing projects in developing countries, along with various other western masonry applications, such as boundary fencing, garden landscaping, or being scaled up to be used to constructing larger multistorey buildings.

Planes para el futuro

Currently "patent pending" the next phase involves collaborating with industry specialists to advance product development, specifically focusing on further refining the plastic composite material, ensuring compliance with international safety regulations. Future plans include widespread industry adoption and establishing a new distinct sector within the construction industry focused on sustainability. Additionally, aiming to develop production in developing nations, leveraging locally sourced materials to enhance the safety, quality of life, & potential opportunities in communities effectively turning the problem itself into the solution.


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