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Finalista Nacional

Parterre Surfaces Chauffantes

We want to heat the body instead of the whole environment by creating heated zones which are specifically targeted in the house.

  • Prototype of the Parterre Surfaces Chauffantes rug

  • Banquette - Parterre Surfaces Chauffantes

  • L'alcôve - Parterre Surfaces Chauffantes

  • Assise - Parterre Surfaces Chauffantes

Para qué sirve

We want to heat the body instead of the whole environment by creating heated zones which are specifically targeted in the house.

Qué te inspiró

We were inspired by Japanese lifestyle which includes heating the body instead of rooms in winter when temperatures are very low. In order to feel the good, the heat sources are more intenses and punctual such as the kotatsu which is a coffee table which includes a heater and a blanket which you can find in traditional houses, trains and public spaces. We've notice that room temperatures needs to be seperated from the comfort feeling that one individual could have.

Cómo funciona

By doing some researches, we've noticed that heating objects is a growing business. But despite their heating function, the usage and aesthetic quality are not taken into account. they are very useful during the cold season and then they are stored during the rest of the year. Thus there is a business opportunity by re-thinking theses objects from a general perspective by trying to integrate them into a domestic environment. Most of the heating objects are using a wire which has the same function as a resistnace. We can find this same heating wire under hardfloors or integrated to car seats.

Proceso de diseño

We are using this industrial knwoledge in order to adapt it to what we want : integrating the system to a domestic usage. By using a special digital embroidery machine whice put the heating wire and embroiders on it, this machine can also works with a laser-cut machine. it can measure up to 10 meter by 3 meters and can embroider several items at the same time.

Qué lo hace diferente

Notre projet fait preuve d'une viabilité industrielle. En effet, nous avons constaté qu'un chauffage électrique avait une consommation comprise entre 1500Wh et 2000Wh. 10 heures de temps machine équivaut à la consommation de 4 tapis Parterre Surfaces Chauffantes Our project is industrially viable. Indeed we've noticed that electric heater consume between 1,500Wh and 2,000Wh. 10 hours of time machine is the equivalent of 4 PArterre Surfaces Chauffantes

Planes para el futuro

Our goal is to adapt our technology to items that are more of a collective use.


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