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Agro Biomaterials

The Agro Biomaterials Kit allows the creation of biomaterials at home from organic waste as a solution to food waste and as an alternative to other synthetic materials.

  • Agro Biomaterials Kit

  • Research, design and creation of the Agro Biomaterials Kit.

    Research, design and creation of the Agro Biomaterials Kit.

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  • Bag made of onion bioplastic from biomaterials kit

  • Bag made of melon bioplastic from biomaterials kit

  • Agro card prototype made of avocado bioplastic

What it does

As a solution to food waste, the Agro Biomaterials Kit consists of the ingredients necessary for the user to make their own bioplastics at home from organic waste. With the aim of transmitting ethical and sustainable values as a way of life.

Your inspiration

I started this project during the time of confinement, when we were all closed at home. That’s when I realized how much waste we generate. I decided to do a little more research and found that about a third of the food produced in the world, or 1.3 billion tons, is wasted every year. And if we move these figures to our homes we get that 33% of the waste that goes to waste from trafficking only organic matter. From here, I researched in terms of ingredients and characteristics of the resulting material until finding the perfect recipe to create bioplastics with enough organic residue content as a solution to food waste and lack of recycling.

How it works

The Agro Biomaterials Kit consists of the necessary ingredients for the user to make his own bioplastics at home. It is designed so that you only need to add water and organic waste. With step-by-step explanations and with the help of a video tutorial, anyone is able to create a biomaterial with the optimal physical characteristics for its possible applications in various media and environments. This product aims to raise awareness of the world of biomaterials and the consequences of food waste, as well as the second use we can give to waste. The fact that a new material can be created from waste at home is an opportunity for a change of mentality. In addition, this kit seeks to create the Agro community, where each contribution, no matter how small, helps to research new materials and to continue developing new techniques and new applications for these new compostable materials.

Design process

We want to be part of our consumer's day to day life, therefore, in this project, design plays a very important role in terms of aesthetics. With the aim of adapting the product to the moment and the current aesthetics, as well as to the consumer in question, we have taken into account the aesthetics and the overall look of the project at all times. From the design of the product itself, to all its graphics and communication. All this with the aim of creating a simple and attractive product for the consumer and with which to attract their attention and feel interest in the product and the experience that comes with creating a new biodegradable material from organic waste. In addition, all environmental factors have been taken into account in the production of the kit. From its 100% recyclable and recycled materials, to its production and possible distribution. I started by questioning the environmental consequences of food waste, especially in terms of greenhouse gases. Once I found the perfect recipe for the manufacture of bioplastics, I designed a diy kit so that everyone, young and old, could understand the manufacturing process in a simple and clear way. For this I reduced the manufacturing process in 3 simple steps and with only 3 ingredients.

How it is different

Unlike other projects in the same field, the Agro Biomaterials Kit stands out for its educational nature. The consumer himself is informed and made aware so that he himself can be the solution to the problem and can change his usual habits towards more sustainable and responsible practices with the planet. The fact of empowering with information and democratizing in an easy and simple way the manufacturing process of biomaterials through the organic waste itself, makes citizens part of the change.

Future plans

The plan for the development of the Agro Biomaterials Kit consists of a small/medium scale production and assembly as well as its application, distribution and sale, at an online level through a specialized website where the consumer is also informed about the world of biomaterials, as well as its physical sale in stores, museums... For its promotion, workshops and courses are planned for adults and children (in schools) where the characteristics and possible applications of these new biomaterials as well as their manufacturing process will be explained.


The project has been awarded with: - Foodture Barcelona 2021 - Laus Aporta Bronze 2022 - Honorable Mention Cumulus Green Awards 2022 It has been nominated for: - Green Project Award 2021 - Distributed Design Awards 2021

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