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Ziemi - Everyone deserves to be seen!

The innovative bike light that illuminates the legs of the cyclist, making you recognizable as human being. Other traffic participants are automatically more cautious!

  • Ziemi - Everyone deserves to be seen

  • Dé innovatieve fietsverlichting van 2021.

    Dé innovatieve fietsverlichting van 2021.

  • Hi! We are Elianne (left) and Luci (right), 2 young entrepreneurs from Delft

  • This is a render of Ziemi

  • The Tour de Force Innovation price!

What it does

Ziemi is an additional bicycle light that is directed on the lower body of the cyclist making the leg movement (Biomotion) visible. Other road participants users immediately recognize the cyclist as a person and are automatically more careful.

Your inspiration

More and more people use a bicycle. That is amazing for the health of people and nature. Unfortunately, this is accompanied by an increasing number of accidents. We love cycling and want everyone to use the bike instead of the car, but in a safe way! That's why we came up with Ziemi. It is inspired by an artist on stage. She wants to be seen, so the light is on her! Why don't we do the same for cyclists? Because everyone deserves to be seen!

How it works

Ziemi is a simple product. We believe that the simplest products can make the world better! Ziemi has 3 light modes, 20, 40 and 60 lumens. In addition, Ziemi USB is rechargeable and has a battery life of 7 hours on average. The housing is designed in such a way that the light is adjusted on only the legs. This way, fellow road users are not hindered by Ziemi!

Design process

A year ago we started making a prototype. We bought existing bicycle lights to take apart and then put into a 3D printed housing. This way we had our MVP and we were able to explain the concept to others. By using existing lighting we were limited in design freedom, so we went looking for a printed circuit board development company, and found one in Delft. They made a PCB for us, so we could design the real Ziemi. We then purchased a 3D printer to quickly make and test many prototypes. But, of course, that also required money. So we started a Crowdfunding campaign, where we raised 31,000 euros. Now we could move on! To realize the production of Ziemi, we have set up a production line. Our vision is: "Everyone deserves to be seen". The user, but also the producer. That is why we work together with a social workshop in Rotterdam, and other local production partners in Delft and The Hague to make and assemble Ziemi. It's super cool to have a production line so close to home, we can just drop by and see how things are going!

How it is different

Bicycle lighting has been virtually the same for 100 years. Ziemi is the first lighting that makes cyclists recognizable as a human being, and uses Biomotion. Reflective clothing comes close, but you still depend on external light to be seen, which is often too late. With Ziemi you always have your own light with you! Other innovations are often making lighting brighter, which can lead to blinding and more dangerous situations.

Future plans

In the future we will continue to develop the design in look-and-feel. In addition, the market launch is in October 2021, so almost! We are busy preparing to make this as successful as possible. On you can already buy a light in pre-sale, with a discount! Next year we want to focus on expanding the product portfolio. Our vision: "Everyone deserves to be seen", many more products fit!


Tour de Force Innovation Award - Winner Entrepreneurship day Delft by YESDelft Students - Winner Philips Innovation Awards - Semi finals Asif Ventures Pitch battle - Finals Sprout's 25 promising entrepreneurs under 25 list Sprout's Startup of the week

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