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Mask is for healthy reasons, but it is not safe to wear it when exercising. In an environment that requires wearing a mask, "WALK OXYGEN" allows us to enjoy exercise without worries.


What it does

"WALK OXYGEN" integrates the oxygen concentrator into the jacket and delivers the oxygen to the mask through the pipeline, allowing people to exercise with a mask in an epidemic but also inhale enough oxygen required.

Your inspiration

People start to wear masks during the epidemic and air pollution. But wearing a mask when exercising may cause extreme hypoxia, ranging from chest tightness and dizziness to fainting. So I started to think about how to provide enough oxygen when people are exercising.

How it works

First, put on the mask and connect the bottom of the mask tubing to the oxygen delivery port of the jacket. Connect the power bank, the power cord is in the pockets. Next, open the zipper on the back to let the air compressor suck the air through the filter into the jacket. The air will pass through the zeolite molecular sieve to separate oxygen. At the end, the oxygen tubing will deliver the oxygen to the mask. You can also adjust the oxygen flow according to exercise intensity.

Design process

The concept starts from putting the oxygen concentrator into the jacket, changing to itself as an oxygen concentrator, which improves the heaviness of carrying the machine while wearing it. And then think about how to put the mechanism of the oxygen concentrator on the jacket in a reasonable and fashionable way.

How it is different

Practical and Stylish: many other masks have been developed during the pandemic, I focus on the needs in the situation of exercising. It is designed as a fashion piece instead of wearing a machine on the body. When the pandemic is over, "WALK OXYGEN" can still be used for everyday activities for people who need help with their breathing patterns such as people with respiratory diseases, hikers and athletes.

Future plans

"WALK OXYGEN" will require further prototyping and testing in order to clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of the product. I would like to continue developing and create more complex prototypes, perhaps moving towards fully working prototypes. Then hopefully, "WALK OXYGEN" will become a commercially viable product one day.


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