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Goodbye to fear, hello health.

  • Pinsoft, less problems.

What it does

There are different therapy to overcome needle phobia but are slow, we as industrial designers propose Pinsoft. With this device you can go to your appointment with the vaccine without any fear. Stimulates the area near the puncture reducing pain.

Your inspiration

I know many people who have always avoided needles, never had medical check-ups. Now it happens that they are avoiding the vaccine for Covid19 and we wanted to find a solution. Conozco a mucha gente que siempre ha evitado las agujas, nunca se ha hecho revisiones médicas. Ahora ocurre que están evitando la vacuna para el Covid19 y queríamos buscar una solución.

How it works

Pinsoft stimulates the area near the puncture. It works thanks to rounded-tip spikes, which contract thanks to springs, adapting to the patient's surface. As the needle is inserted, they put pressure on the proximal area and there is a feeling of relief from the prick. Pinsoft estímula la zona próxima al pinchazo. Funciona gracias a unos pinchos de punta redondeada, que se contraen gracias a unos resortes, adaptándose a la superficie del paciente. Conforme se introduce la aguja, estos ejercen presión en la zona próxima y se produce una sensación de alivio del pinchazo.

Design process

We started with a mindmap, from there several ideas arose that we filtered with a brainstorming. Empezamos con un mindmap, de ahí surgieron varias ideas que filtramos con un brainstorming.

How it is different

We are aware of the phobia of needles, it is a very simple way to reduce pain, without hindering the work of healthcare personnel. Somos conscientes de la fobia a las agujas, es una manera muy sencilla de disminuir el dolor, sin dificultar el trabajo del personal sanitario.

Future plans

We would like to see Pinsoft in the vaccination centers, increasing the number of people vaccinated. Nos gustaría ver Pinsoft en los centros de vacunación, aumentando el número de personas vacunadas.


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