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A medical product for children with asthma

What it does

Oplay integrates the playing of musical instrument into use of asthma inhaler, with two functions of asthma spacer and peak flow meter. Measuring results are uploaded to the app. It comforts children from the using method, seamless experience and product CMF.

Your inspiration

Asthma is a common chronic respiratory disease. A specialist can only play a 20% role in managing asthma, the remaining 80% is done by the patient. However, we can barely see any asthma product has both functions of medicating and measuring, not to mention logging. As a result, for many asthmatics, the daily routines of asthma medication and management can be a complex process, not to mention for children. Besides, for children, symptoms like stridors, and complex treatments may affect their experience of therapy, and even self-acceptance.

How it works

Asthma Inhaler: Children shake OPlay to activate it and mix the medicine. OPlay will make a sound of percussion music at the same time. The music will be louder when shaking is harder. When users press the blue ball to let dose out, OPlay gives a ‘Ding’ to get children ready for inhaling. Oplay adds a asthma spacer to store medicine, which makes the inhaling process easier for children, as they can inhale one dose without hurry or being nervous. During the inhaling process, OPlay will make a melody of wind music to guide children to breathe. The end of music informs that medicating process is terminated. Peak flow meter: When children exhale through Oplay and activate it, OPlay measures the peak flow, and give a feedback of asthma condition on the spot, with melodies and lighting. The results will be uploaded to an app. Parents and children can track patients’ conditions on the app. Also, they can change or unlock instruments by a consistent measuring habit.

Design process

The major problems of the existing inhaler is that the user experience for children is complex and rigid, and the figure is too nerd. The entire process of exploring the design of Oplay uses the way of Vision in Product design. The first step was then to find all kinds of existing products and use brainstorming to compare and contrast the listed inhalers, their drawbacks and the process of using them through medicines to find entry points to improve the experience of using them for children, building possible new ways of interaction based on a vision of a child-friendly use experience; the second step was to determine the design concept and then 3D modelling, 3D printing. With a combining modular components, we printed multiple sized prototypes; and the third step was to bring the models to the children to get feedback on aspects such as ergonomic form and emotional shape. The final product was then determined based on the children's experience and feedback.

How it is different

1.There are few inhalers on the market designed specifically for children with asthma, only conventional inhalers and asthma spacer accessories. The OPLAY inhaler has improved the way it is used and the experience of using it. By analog with functions of musical instruments, Oplay compars the medication process to a personal recital, building a new atmosphere of use and designing the inhaler in a more friendly way and shape. 2.Existing asthma-related products are separate and unrelated. Oplay combines several products and services needed by asthma patients in one product and provides a seamless medication-measurement-recording experience that greatly assists parents and children in managing asthma and adjusting medication. 3.OPlay values users experience. Not only does it have a unique and appealing appearance, but it has humanization design. It is equipped with an app to ensure intelligent use for uploading, logging, and change musical styles.

Future plans

The next step of the design is to Improve product details and reduce costs in the hope of cooperating with asthma product manufacturer in the future. Hopefully, Oplay can be promoted and sold in volume. The second step is to consider building a community of users based on the app to increase product stickiness. And through the establishment of the community, promote this chronic disease product with a fun context of use.


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