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It is a public individual transport designed specially to make the

  • Laino

  • Top view

  • Side view

  • Door opened

  • Rear boot

What it does

It is a public individual vehicle designed especially for trips to work. The need to create an individual public vehicle was seen because maintaining a private car is very expensive and unsustainable; that’s why Laino is an electric and public vehicle.

Your inspiration

The project began with the idea of electromobility. Within this idea looking for information it was detected that many people, especially young people, and women, often have problems to maintain or own a car so it was thought to create a public vehicle. On the other hand, it was seen that because of the pandemic people prefer not to share the car, that is why it is an individual transport.

How it works

It is a transport with electric motor, which will be charged by induction when parked at the point where it was taken. It has been thought that the energy with which the vehicle will be charged will come from renewable energies, both wind and solar. To get into Laino has a front door that opens upwards, and to enter the steering wheel panel is pulled to one side. In addition as it has been designed for work has a rear boot to be able to leave backpacks or suitcases.

Design process

To start with the idea of electromobility in order to reach an opportunity, a strategic research has been made in which future trends in mobility have been detected. The opportunity that was found was an individual, electric and sustainable transport. Then there has been a phase of exploration to create the profile of people who will be targeted, also analyze the public transport market, and finish analyzing the daily mobility of people. In order to devis the vehicle in the ideation phase, several creative techniques were first created and several sketches were created based on them. In order to be able to meet with one of them, a phase of convergence has been done developing more sketches to stay with a concept. Finally, first, a 3D digital prototype has been built to analyze the geometry of the concept and then a physical prototype that is still in the process of being built.

How it is different

It is a new concept of mobility. An individual and public transport that seeks to help people who do not have enough money to have their own individual vehicle. In addition to this it seeks to create a sustainable and environmental friendly transport.

Future plans

First, it is needed to talk to people who are specialized in the electric vehicle sector to analyze Laino’s reliability. In addition to this contrast the idea with more people and potential users of Laino. Finally, the cost to users would also have to be reported.


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