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National Winner

Braille e-book

A portable and stand-alone Braille е-book for people with disabilities.

What it does

Visually impaired people cannot afford to read any literature like healthy people. Braille's e-book downloads the electronic format of the paper edition, transforms and projects onto the tactile surface of the e-book.

Your inspiration

"A person stops thinking when he stops reading" - said Denis Diderot . I want to make information accessible to everyone There are books for visually impaired people that are not convenient, expensive, are only in specialized libraries, and are not available to everyone. Audiobooks are not adapted to the pace of information perception and have a small choice of voices. Audiobooks are not suitable for people with hearing and vision impairments. My goal is to fix it!

How it works

The text is downloaded to the device and translated into Braille. Each point in Braille has its own position. The system projects each dot in Braille onto a tactile panel. Rewinding the text is carried out using the button.

Design process

I am confident in the importance of our work. I take every step of the plan very seriously and carefully: research and selection of a way to translate braille on a special display; development of technology for outputting braille to a special display; development of a 3D model of an Braille e-book; analysis of the performance of the 3D model; preparation of technical documentation for the production of a prototype of a Braille e-book; prototype Braille e-book. I am now at step 5 - starting to make a prototype.

How it is different

Versatile, lightweight, compact, affordable - synonyms for an e-book. A person of any age can operate an electronic Braille e-book. Poems, prose, scientific articles, anecdotes, reference books, dictionaries can be uploaded to the e-book. The Braille e-book has an ergonomic design, light weight and pleasant texture. It fits easily into any bag and doesn't get in the way.

Future plans

I create of a special marketing company for the production and sale of e-books. The company will work with schools or organizations, blind and visually impaired people who will buy a Braille e-book through a special website or store. I will create a convenient electronic database of books for uploading to the Braille e-book.


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