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This project, equipped with a control system and motor wheels, represents a new solution in the industry of orthopedics.

  • WalkerWay

  • Deviation in the longitudinal plane

  • Lateral deviation

  • Explosion circuit

  • General form

What it does

This product verticalizes and stabilizes a person’s position, suppresses tremors when moving, is able to climb stairs and easily change the height of the body.

Your inspiration

My sister is suffering from cerebral palsy, a form of spastic diparesis. This is the average severity of the disease. The concept solves functional and aesthetic problems. The new solution is concluded in the working part of the project, namely, in the principle of operation of the verticalizers. Accordingly, the appearance and aesthetics of the product change. This project seeks to change the use case and associative series that the previous product had. There is also a need to meet current trends and get away from the image of medical equipment.

How it works

There are several key points in this project: stabilization occurs in the longitudinal and transverse planes. In the longitudinal plane, stabilization occurs due to the motor wheel. The stator interacts with the rotor when a deviation from the 90 ° position occurs, returning the housing to its normal position. Small deviations in the transverse plane are regulated by a linear actuator, which selects the desired height of the housing.

Design process

Consultations were held with an orthopedic specialist-traumatologist from the Scientific Research Institute. Turner, as well as an engineer in the field of robotics. This project is a hypothesis for solving the problem and needs to be verified. It is important to see the patient’s positive reaction with cerebral palsy, to see his desire to move more and be independent, to appear in public.

How it is different

This project, equipped with a control system and motor wheels, represents a new solution in the industry of orthopedics. This product almost replaces the musculoskeletal system of a person with cerebral palsy. There are more opportunities in an independent life, as well as personal space. Eliminates the need for lifting ramps in public places or the problem of their absence.

Future plans

I would really like my graduation project to become something more than a concept. I plan to continue to communicate with centers for the rehabilitation of people with cerebral palsy, conduct surveys, talk directly with my patients, make changes to my project and be interested in the opinion of my sister.


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