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Tuli, the new innovative menstrual cup, more suitable to use, which aims at facilitating the life of female users thanks to its design and ergonomics.

  • The beginning of a new period for periods with Tuli, the cup adapted to its users.

  • The use of Tuli? Nothing simpler !

    The use of Tuli? Nothing simpler !

  • Every woman convinced by wearing Tuli will be a step forward for the environment.

  • There are many systematic problems with current cup. Tuli is overcoming all these problems !

  • Tuli is also hundred of ideas as well as sketches, dozen of paper and functional prototypes !

  • Tuli is a simple, single-material, tulip-shaped product.

What it does

With Tuli, no more complicated folding, introduction issues, cup deployment, withdrawal, leakage or pain. Tuli is also compatible with IUD as it reduces the suction effect when withdrawing it.

Your inspiration

This project arose from the observation we made when discussion with women around us, and it emerged that no hygienic protection is really suitable for women. They are inconvenient, painful, irritating and composed of toxic products that are both harmful to health and the environment. In order to deepen our study, we carried out a survey to which 1344 people responded. The result is unquestionable: menstruation is still a taboo subject. There is no really adapted menstrual protection and they all have troubles of their own, 60% of the questioned women testified to this.

How it works

Tuli is the first Cup capable of taking on a precise shape when pressing it. Weaknesses have been invented to ease the folding, which make it simpler and more intuitive. These weaknesses are material reductions and acts as a guiding line for the folding. They enable to keep the folding, making then easier introduce and remove the cup. This so particular and unique folded shape gives its full meaning to the name Tuli. The ring has got no weakness which enables to ensure an optimal deployment of Tuli once introduced. This solution enables to solve the main issues of the existing menstrual cups when folding but also during introduction, deployment and withdrawal.

Design process

Women are worried about their menstruation because they do not rely on their menstrual protection or they are afraid of it. The Cup seems to be the best alternative since it is ecological, economical and non-toxic but it needs to be redesigned. After intensive search on the topic and analysis of the responses to our survey, we raised the main systematic problems of the Cup. These were mainly related to use, including folding, insertion, deployment and removal. The objective was then to find a mechanical folding and deployment system. We therefore thought about many mechanisms to overcome these problems, while looking for a shape and an aspect reflecting a smooth and safe image. Numerous sketches and paper prototypes were used to come up with a concept and a shape. Multiple models and 3D prints in soft plastic followed until the final shape of the prototype was obtained, making Tuli a menstrual cup that is easy and practical to use!

How it is different

Tuli differs from the other cups in many aspects. It is not impressive; its tulip-shape is reassuring. Once folded, its diameter is far smaller than the other models. It is much more practical to use as it can be folded safely thanks to the weakness. In addition, the deployment imposed by the ring ensures a protection without leakage. Then, when you pull on the rod to remove the cup, the pre-folding allows Tuli to close on itself and thus cancels the suction cup effect. The rod can therefore really be used to remove the menstrual cup unlike the classic cup where it simply allows you to find it, which also improves its affordance. Tuli will therefore convince hesitant women to go for it and improve the daily life of classic cup users. In addition, every convinced woman is a step forward against disposable protection, which is harmful to the environment.

Future plans

The aim of Tuli is to democratize the use of the cup, to preserve our environment and the woman body. If menstruation is still a little talked about and taboo subject, Tuli enables to demystify this natural process which is sign of good health. We hope we’ll be able to push forward Tuli, to give it various diameters, lengths, shapes so that it can be perfectly adapted to the body of each woman. We want Tuli to ensure every one of us a menstruation period like any other time of our life.


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