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A wearable thermoelectric power generation product ensures continuous power supply during the use of medical equipment, reduces environmental pollution and reduces economic pressure。

  • Display of thermoelectric generator

  • Display of cochlear implant for thermoelectric device

  • Internal structure of products

  • Future research direction rechargeable Bracelet

  • Future research direction - rechargeable belt

What it does

Wearable medical equipment that uses temperature difference between human body and the outside world can reduce environmental pollution consumption and economic pressure.

Your inspiration

A cochlear implant user said: "didi Di" was suddenly heard in his ear, and then the power was cut off, and the world was silent. Many medical devices in the existing market need continuous power supply, but the existing batteries are fast in power consumption, high in continuous cost and serious in environmental pollution caused by disposable batteries. Our team then thought about using human bioenergy to continuously power medical equipment.

How it works

Human is a constant temperature animal. In daily activities, the temperature of human body will form a certain temperature difference with the external environment. Products use this temperature difference to absorb human heat energy through the hot end of the generator and generate electricity by using the Seebeck effect. Then, the cold end of the generator emits excess heat energy and supplies power to the equipment through the external circuit. In terms of the specific shape of the product, we chose the shoulder blade position which is more obvious in temperature sense and close to the ear, and made a product that can closely fit the shoulder blade position of the back. By using temperature difference power generation, we can continuously power the cochlear implant through a short wire.

Design process

The invention relates to a thermoelectric generator, which converts human body heat energy into electric energy, improves power generation efficiency, solves market pain points and provides high-performance power supply for some wearable medical devices. After the research and development of the second generation technology, the team proposed a new preparation process, which changed the initial problems existing in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements: high heat loss rate, low power generation efficiency, low energy conversion rate, resulting in many equipment can not be applied, with high limitation coefficient. The second generation technology has designed a new type of flexible wearable thermoelectric generator with integral package and prone component arrangement structure. In comparison, the unit power cost can be reduced by 51.56%, and the output power is almost unchanged under the environment of 26 ℃ ± 3 ℃, which makes the thermoelectric generation equipment more universal. Two invention patents and one utility model patent have been successfully applied for in the research of thermal power generation equipment for human body. The preliminary technical preparation and experimental test of the project have been carried out.

How it is different

Our flexible thermoelectric battery can be used for a long time without being damaged by external force, with long service life, high environmental protection, simple and convenient operation and friendly to medical equipment applied to human body. The existing non rechargeable "zinc air battery" on the market can be used for only 2-7 days, with unstable electricity, serious environmental pollution and inconvenient operation for the elderly; the cost of rechargeable lithium battery is high, the power supply time is short, and it needs to be charged every day, which has a certain pollution to the environment; other thermoelectric power generation devices have complex manufacturing process, high cost, low power generation efficiency, and people Lack of skin affinity.

Future plans

In the future, based on thermoelectric generator, we plan to build the power supply center of medical wearable equipment system, so that thermoelectric power generation can be applied to medical devices implanted in human body and medical equipment requiring high power. The product form will be developed from the existing symmetrical butterfly structure back wearable device that fits the shoulder blade to other wearable devices such as charging belt and charging bracelet.


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