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Box Office

A portable and multi-functional workstation with partitions that aims to help the work-from-home community, whether professionals or students, to adjust to the new normal.

  • Box Office is a portable and multifunctional workstation concept for the new normal.

  • Get to know Box Office. Music: "Delightful" by Ahjay Stelino from

    Get to know Box Office. Music: "Delightful" by Ahjay Stelino from

  • The product's different uses and modes.

  • This is how Box Office developed from sketch to final design.

  • Box Office partition comes in many different colors so there’s always one for everybody.

  • What problems did we try to address by way of creative problem-solving? What inspired us?

What it does

Box Office is a complete workstation concept for those who need the similar work environment of an office cubicle at home. The design is multi-functional, collapsible, portable, and can fit any available space. It also has a built-in power strip.

Your inspiration

Working from home can be mentally draining for individuals living in small spaces. It may involve looking for a makeshift surface and constantly moving around the house just to seek a space good enough for productivity. Without the usual boundaries between work and personal life, individuals risk losing the feeling of having a place to come home to, which is not conducive for a properly balanced lifestyle. With that in mind, Box Office aims to help the work-from-home community living in small spaces by providing a private environment that not only helps with concentration but also sets clear boundaries between work and personal life.

How it works

Complicated hardware was eliminated to make Box Office user-friendly. Box Office has 3 main configurations. (1.) Wall Desk/Shelf that can be used with or without the partitions. When detached from the wall, the user can adjust the height of the table to two levels: 15cm and 42cm. (2.) Work Tray (15 cm height) that can be used with or without the partitions and, (3.) Tall Mode (42 cm height) which can be used as a floor table or a standing desk. The partition is made out of wood-skin mesh with triangular cuts to allow the hinges of the wood panels to bend and fold in a cloth-like manner. The desk is also made of bamboo plywood and has a surface dimension of 60cmx42cm. Cloth hinges are used for folding and only magnets are used to keep the folds in place. An outlet can be found on the right side for charging multiple gadgets with ease.

Design process

Our first task was to interview individuals about their current working conditions at home. Multiple concept studies were made to address the problems after this followed by a series of iterations which can be found in the 3rd photo. Some samples of the iterations: 1. An origami-like folding work tray with a shell type privacy partition and laptop compartment. 2. An office cubicle partition with a built-in desk and chair that can be folded flat. 3. A box-bag that turns into a workstation. 4. A portable workstation that can also double as a coffee table when not in use. Consultation with university professors and industrial designers through video calls were made after the iterations to consolidate the ideas and create a clearer goal. Ultimately we were able to clarify the main problem (of solving privacy and boundary issues) and made the final parameters of our design. The final parameters were: 1. Portable Desk to carry anywhere 2. Partitions 3. Outlet 4. Simple and Intuitive 5. Multiple Configurations for use in any space, and a wide range of users 6. Has an afterlife use - for instance in the final design, it can permanently become a wall desk or shelf

How it is different

Box Office embodies the perfect balance of sophisticated simplicity and thoughtful multifunctionality. Box Office is the only portable workspace or work tray that has an accompanying partition system that gives users the privacy and mental boundaries they need to focus in shared spaces. While the product has multiple functions, the use of magnets and cloth hinges makes the design approachable and intuitive. Box Office adapts to the needs of its user in a quick and straightforward manner. Box Office is also available in multiple colors. It’s chic and youthful, adding joy and decor to an otherwise bleak situation. Unlike most portable workstations, laptop trays, and lone partition designs available in the market, Box Office is an all-in-one product that does not sacrifice simplicity.

Future plans

The next step for our team would be to develop a working prototype, which can then be assessed through focused group discussions (FGDs) with industry professionals and those who are required to work from home. Further product testings can also be done to ensure that the product addresses the problems it plans to solve. In the future we hope to directly collaborate with companies and universities, to help their employees and students work and study from home comfortably and efficiently.


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