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Beanstalk Pole

Kid friendly IV Pole

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What it does

'Beanstalk Pole' is friendly re-designed IV pole for children with inspiration from "Jack and the Beanstalk." It is a spiral structure around the centre of IV pole. IV tubes hang in the middle of the spiral to prevent them tangling. This helps to both parents and the child to hold that IV pole to walk.

Your inspiration

Existing IV poles are not user-friendly when a patient moves around a hospital causing patients to trip over the pole and IV tubes to become tangled, especially for child patients.

How it works

The creative element of this project is that it solves the problems of the existing sap stand in the form of design. The spiral body makes the handle closer to the person, so that the person who holds the handle does not trip over the wheel. The cord is lowered into the middle of the spiral body to prevent it from twisting or winding. The spiral shape also improves storage efficiency because it can be folded.

Design process

1. Use stain pipe bending machine to coil a cable into spiral form. 2. Use Heat digestion of sludge to get details of a product. 3. Use bending machine to fixate and pull upwards to extract spiral form. 4. Weld parts to make a form.

How it is different

Existing IV pole bottom part is wide, easy to get stumbled and fell often. On the other hand, “Beanstalk Pole” has large spiral handle so doesn’t get stumbled. Existing IV pole IV tube is easy to get tangled on hand but “Beanstalk Pole” has spiral body so that tube can not be tangled up. Differ from existing IV pole, “Beanstalk Pole” can be stacked. As a result, improving space efficiency, easy to store, and looks better on outward appearance. Also added warm colors for children to like it.

Future plans

Future plans are aimed at mass production through mold manipulation. The goal is to create an optimal shape by considering the number, size, and center of gravity of the banding.


2020 Asia Design Prize Winner 2019 Hongik Entrepreneurship Contest Grand Prize 2019 Sejong Union Start-up Competition Excellence Award 2018 Innovateur Incubating Prize Grand Prize 2016 Spark Award Finalist 2015 D2B Design Fair Sliver

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