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FloaX operate by using buoyancy.

What it does

Solved problem: 1. Mosquito breeding 2. Harmful odor 3. Dirty water surge 4. Items are dropped

Your inspiration

Walking on the road, I found that the ditch cover beside me was stinking, and the mosquitoes were so bad. When flooding, the gutter cover also has a problem of backflow.

How it works

FloaX operate by using buoyancy. At rest, the float closes the hole to prevent mosquitoes and stench. When draining, the water will float the float away from the shutter to facilitate drainage. When flooding, the water lifts the flaps and floats by buoyancy, blocking the upper openings to reduce the surge.

Design process

At first we thought about a variety of ways to solve problems. I finally thought of buoyancy, making this product simple and practical.

How it is different

Ditch cover is one of the face of city and also an important part of sewerage system. Existing cover causes some issue due to NOT designed and planning. Therefore, we designed FloaX to solve these problems.

Future plans

In the future, this product will be patented first, and then introduced to the government to make the cities more healthy and happy.


Cross Straits Industrial Design Awards/Concept Design/Finalist Golden Pin Design Awards Best Design Award/Product Design/Finalist Golden Pin Design Awards Best Design Award/Space Design/Finalist Golden Pin Recruitment Special Award/Product Design/Awards Golden Pin Design Entrepreneurship Potential Award/Finalist

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