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The system of protecting children in a large city

  • There is a tape inside, as well as light-emitting diodes and gauges

  • During the excursion and walks children wrap tape around themselves and get additionally highlighted

What it does

This is a coil with built-in sensors, which children wear on himself while walking with parents or during a school excursion.

Your inspiration

In a large city it can be difficult to keep track of children, especially when there is a large group. Currently, reflectors are attached on the children's clothes or put on vests. I wanted children themselves were pleased and interesting to wear the means of their indication, because they do not like vests at all

How it works

This is a coil consisting of three parts. In the upper and lower levels are placed coils with a tape, the ends of which are attached to the part in the middle. On each of them there are LEDs that flash when the child is far away from the group. The detail in the middle has a lantern inside and sensors that vibrate when the child lags behind the group in them the same GPS navigation and it sends a signal to the application of the parent or teacher.

Design process

Initially, I was thinking of making a backpack with an extra indication, making it transparent so that it would be better illuminated, I thought about introducing protective components there to protect the child from falls and other external influences. Later I came to the conclusion that you need a simpler and concise solution. It was necessary to create a simple little thing that would fit in the child's hand and let it put on itself anywhere, without losing its functionality.

How it is different

My project is more customized. The child can put it where it is convenient for him and with it to remain noticed.

Future plans

It is important for me to create a thing that would be of interest to children, so that it will make it easier for teachers to monitor a large number of children and reduce the possibility of losing a child to a minimum


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