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An innovative product capable that uses biomimetic design patterns to gather rainwater and condense humidity to produce water for agriculture and human activities in underprivileged regions.

  • B-Flos Highly efficient sustainable biomimetic water harvesting system for rural agricultural

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Cosa fa?

In some regions of the world, the scarcity of water for cultivation causes serious consequences on agricultural activities. This project is highly efficient and low-cost solution that improves atmospheric water harvesting process for land irrigation.

La tua ispirazione

Water distribution is a crucial challenge that requires innovative design solutions. Additionally, problems like water scarcity, climate change and bad water management have sharpened the phenomenon. My project uses biomimetic and ecological design as strategies to provide an effective answer to the issue of water conservation; this, in order to encourage sustainable agricultural practices, as well as fostering the water conservation by mitigating the wates of promoting water conservation, encouraging sustainable agricultural practices, and taking conservation and waste reduction measures while preserving a resource as vital as water.

Come funziona?

B-Flos consists of two main elements: a catch basin to collect water and a set of leaf-shape structures to drain rainwater and condensate air humidity so that more water can be produce from a variety of states. In this process, air humidity condenses on a surface with low wetting capacity, forming separate droplets rather than spreading evenly. Its performance depends on the characteristics of the surface, so a hydrophobic material is used to improve the droplet collection and the storage in the tank by gravity. The lower leaves gather rainwater during precipitation and, due to hydrophobic texture, also promote condensation in high relative humidity. Their number and dimension of the surface area; were calculated to properly a seamless production of water over a cycle of 24 hours.

Processo di progettazione

The design of B-Flos began with the analysis of data regarding relative humidity rates and precipitation percentages in different geographical areas around the globe. Then, I analysed the current needs and issues related to water availability and irrigation systems to create potential user profiles (personas), each of them with a unique culture and lifestyle, though they were grouped by the need to have a new product that improves water collection, storage, and distribution for rural agriculture. Based on this, I defined the project scenario and objectives, which led to the concept design stage. The idea of incorporating organic forms and natural elements was preferred to others since it fosters natural shapes and functional integrations within various operative environment. The final design was tester according to anthropometric stands to understand the product’s proportion and usability in relation to users and operative conditions such as its portability, assembly, maintenance, etc. Finally, I developed a qualitative study on those potential geographic areas that, from an agricultural perspective could benefit from B-Flos. Highlighting for each of them, including their climatic aspects, were considered to assess whether that B-Flos would have full potential for development.

In che modo è differente?

B-Flos is an innovative biomimetic system that gather and transforms water in its many states. In can operate under several climatic conditions, so it can be considered as a sustainable solution for agricultural activities in remote or rural areas where water is a serious issue to be addressed. Due to its scalability, efficiency and productions qualities, it can be integrated with existing water distribution system or used as a stand-alone primary solution, by providing new possibilities for irrigation and agricultural development. This system ensures efficient, accurate and sustainable irrigation, by optimizing the use of underrated water resources.

Progetti per il futuro

In terms of design and development, the goal is to continue to improve the product by promoting the increase of circular economy in water management. Therefore, I hope to make B-Flos as adaptable as possible to the needs of all users who want an original solutions for sustainable agriculture and need of effective system made using locally available materials in order to make it as inclusive as possible, but also easily integrated with various contexts of use.


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