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A hybrid device combining a life buoy and a multifunctional drone

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Cosa fa?

The L.B.drone is developed around the idea of an automated life buoy with integrated smart systems. Detectability and tethering functions are core features as much as buoyancy systems and visual feedback.

La tua ispirazione

The drones come in two different shapes allowing for a larger enclosure space inside the frame. The second version is designed for extendibility and reconfiguration, with a triangle shaped frame and various hull sections and pivots centered around the rotary engines and intermediary shells.

Come funziona?

The extendible frame extends in 5 sections with two threaded rails and a central rail bone. The space encased inside the folded frame can double its size thanks to the multiple foldable arms allowing for a wider saving space for people when landing. All drones need recharging for multicell LiPo batteries and CO2 replacement for each couple of airbags. Every frame can be printed in a wide array of platsics with different densities and weight in order to better control flight and floating during deployment.

Processo di progettazione

The drones can be remotely operated or previously programmed via gps tracking. This allows the users to choose between different maneuverability options in order to reach people in adverse situations. Every component of the T.drone is provided with sensors and gyroscopes to better pilot the drone in hostile environments and situations.

In che modo è differente?

Each drone is provided with waterproof rotary brushless engines, an fpv infrared camera, flashing led stripes and inflatable airbags. The airbags can be deployed right after landing and can be inflated with three CO2 vials.

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