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NEOCA is the first fully foldable helmet with an interchangeable, customisable design that perfectly matches your style.

Ce qu'il fait

60% of cyclists don't wear a helmet for one of two reasons: bulk or aesthetics. In response, Neoca is the first fully foldable helmet, made from recyclable, non-Newtonian thermoformed material, with an interchangeable external design such as a beanie or cap.

Votre source d'inspiration

June 2020, the end of Covid lockdown in France, the use of soft mobility is exploding and we're all delighted to be able to get around by bike. I received a call from my friend Nathan, who had to be picked up from the emergency room. Bike accident, concussion, he wasn't wearing a helmet. Like him, 60% of cyclists don't wear a helmet for one of two reasons: bulk or aesthetics. As engineers keen to contribute to the development of soft mobility in the city, we wanted to reduce this pain and put our skills at the service of a responsible future and safe cycling, so that no-one would have to pick up their friend from the emergency room.

Comment ça marche

The helmet is made from a common base of thermoformed, recyclable, non-Newtonian fluid. This technology provides 5 times greater shock absorption than petrol-derived EPS foam commonly used in bike helmets, for the same thickness. It enables the helmet to resist impact in proportion to its intensity, unlike a helmet made of an entirely rigid material, which mainly absorbs impact when it breaks. This seemingly innocuous difference in function enables the NEOCA helmet to absorb all microtraumatic impacts and last over time despite repeated impacts, whereas a conventional helmet does not absorb low- and medium-intensity impacts and must be changed after a high-intensity impact, as it is rendered unusable. On this tough, flexible base, an interchangeable design lined with comfortable foam on the inside is attached by Velcro fasteners. Users can thus adapt their style to the season (cap, beanie, hat...) and their desires without having to replace their entire helmet.

Processus de conception

The original idea was very simple: to offer the user a foldable helmet that fits in his bag, without neglecting its aesthetic aspect. We started by looking for the natural folding methods of a helmet by making a prototype in cardboard triangles, linked together by hinges. Identifying the critical areas, we iterated around ten prototypes by enlarging the cardboard modules, until we obtained a shape made up of 6 modules. At this stage, our solution consisted of bending carried out by mechanical parts and resistant rigid modules, possibly customizable. User testing, project traction and market research then led us in another direction: to dissociate the design part from the resistant part and offer the user a truly aesthetic choice. It was by testing a wide range of materials that we discovered the non-Newtonian fluids properties, responding in particular to our problem of having a material that is flexible, resistant, light and thin at the same time. We therefore produced our digital models, then 3D printed our following prototypes to validate the shape of the helmet and physically work on the outer textile part that envelops the final helmet. The non-Newtonian material has already easily passed the tests related to the homologation of helmets according to European standards.

En quoi est-il différent ?

NEOCA is the first fully foldable bicycle helmet with no mechanical parts, made from recyclable, non-Newtonian materials. Reducing volume by over 70%, this innovative technology offers unrivalled shock absorption, adapts to the shape of the user's head thanks to its flexibility, and enables the helmet to last over time, even after repeated impacts. NEOCA also innovates in terms of aesthetics, responding to the second most frequent pain point associated with helmet use. Without changing the entire helmet, a fully interchangeable textile exterior design can be customized by the user. Cap, beanie, hat, chapka and more. The possibilities are endless, allowing the wearer to master his or her own style. The combination of these two innovations makes the helmet totally unique, a fashion object that transforms the helmet from a restrictive object into an obvious choice for the wearer. In short, NEOCA's mission: riding safely, stylishly and for the good of the planet.

Plans pour l'avenir

We're making parallel progress on the final design of the helmet (resistant part) and on the range of interchangeable designs we'll be offering at launch. We expect to have the complete prototype in its final version, approved to European standards, by the end of 2023. We will launch a crowdfunding campaign in Q4 2023 to kick-start our industrialization. After that, we're planning sales on our website, a roll-out to physical retailers in 2024, and then partnerships with major textile brands who could offer their design range on our helmet. From 2025 onwards, we plan to export to the European Union, and then aim for international expansion.


Nominated for the Pépite France, MoovJee and Enactus France awards. Winner of the Ignition Prize. Media appearance in front of several thousand spectators at a selection of innovative French projects.

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