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Hydrogen-Ethanol Fuel Powered Bike

This bike runs on Hydrogen-Ethanol Fuel, without creating any polluting Gas which is harmful to the environment. This Bike Fuel is Sustainable Fuel and it's bio-fuel & Cost-effective.

  • The Hydrogen-ethanol Fuel Powered Bike that helps reduce pollution gas problem cause vehicle.

  • Working prototype demonstration, after 2 years of hard work and try & error, I developed this Bike

    Working prototype demonstration, after 2 years of hard work and try & error, I developed this Bike

  • Hydrogen-Ethanol is a Bio-Fuel. We extract ethanol from sugarcane juice and hydrogen gas from water

  • This is Sustainable Fuel and it's a bio-fuel & Cost-effective. Without creating any polluting Gas

  • Home-made ethanol fuel making process

  • Working procedure Hydrogen-Ethanol Fuel Powered Bike

Ce qu'il fait

The Hydrogen-ethanol Fuel Powered Bike that helps reduce pollution gas problem cause vehicle.It gives 50-55km millage in 1-L. It archive 70-75km/h top speed.There is no end of this fuel,number of times we can make this fuel,using sugarcane juice fermentation.

Votre source d'inspiration

We currently use petrol and diesel to drive our Vehicles,When I was studying diploma in mechanical engineering,A question came to my mind why we don't drive vehicle using any other fuel than petrol & Diesel fuel And if it can run,using other fuel then which fuel? But that fuel should does not create any kind of pollution.A fuel that should be available at low cost. It will never end from the earth & it should be sustainable.Then I staring working on this in 2 year I face lot problems,but Sir James Dyson's story motivated me to create more designs & after long ideation and iteration cycles, I came up with The Hydrogen-Ethanol Fuel Powered Bike

Comment ça marche

First we start the bike engine on ethanol fuel some modification are done in engine&carbourator we use 100cc 4 stroke internal combustion engine due to its modification carbourator is able to supply ethanol to Engine desired quantity then IC engine start on ethanol.after we generate electricity through engine alternator it generates 12V 3A electricity we supply this electricity to hydrogen-gas generator we use 5 stainless steel plate 30×40mm of 316L number due to its property,higher efficiency and higher surface area best output gas we seperate hydrogen gas using water electrolysis process we use "0 TDS" water and potassium-hydroxide as a electrolyte after generating gas passout water bubller then supply to Engine hose pipe during engine first stroke hydrogen & ethanol suck and create a desired blending mixture due to carbourator modification and go to combustion chamber it generates 8.05Nm Torque at 6000rpm,Calorific value of Hydrogen-Ethanol Fuel 34.78 kJ/g.

Processus de conception

I decided to drive vehicle without using petrol&diesel I was only 17years old boy the option of electric bycycle came to my mind I used 1kw universal motor&used 2kw inverter&use 24v 16Ah lead acid battery Obviously,being 17 years old,the first prototype will have a lot of errors.After that I decided make high power electric Bike I designed the chassis of Bike and made it with my own hands in my workshop This time I use 72v 2kw BLDC motor&72V 30Ah lithium ion battery,I drive this bike less number of errors but electric bikes are not completely solution for petrol&diesel vehicles due low driving range,battery charging time&problem,load carrying capacity,battery life-cycle.After the experience so far I see an alternative to ethanol After that I designed Another chassi with enough power to accommodate 100cc engine&made it with my own hands in my workshop Then I made ethanol from sugarcane juice at home then I do some modification in engine&carbourator to able to start engine lots of try and error on ethanol fuel After that;when the bike went uphill,its some power would lose To get more power,I made a hydrogen gas generator after a lot of trial&error and sent its supply to the engine in the form of a blend of Hydrogen-Ethanol.Now this is my present prototype After 2 years hardworking

En quoi est-il différent ?

A never seen before bike which runs on Hydrogen-Ethanol Fuel without using petrol. The Hydrogen-ethanol Fuel Powered Bike helps reduce the pollution gas problem caused by vehicles. There is no limit to producing this fuel and can be made a number of times using the sugarcane juice fermentation Process. We don't need to depend on other countries for this fuel because it is made from sugarcane and sugarcane is grown in most countries so every country can make it at its own level. As long as there is agriculture, there will be no shortage of this fuel. We generate hydrogen gas without using any external power source from water. 1) It gives 50-55km millage in 1-Litre. 2)It archive 70-75km/h top speed. 3) this bike easily carry 2 person load without any problem. 4) Fuel cost is very low this is cost-effective fuel I tested This Hydrogen-Ethanol Fuel Powered Bike in real-time road conditions.

Plans pour l'avenir

The Hydrogen-Ethanol started as an idea and he has Now devloped into working prototype with the potential change in automobile Bikes industry, for the future target is to get fund And modify the design.I plan to Develop multiple prototype designs for multiple varient.I have already filed patents for Hydrogen-ethanol Fuel Powered Bike, I want to lunch my bike in the market.


- International level silver medalist senior Innovation category - National level 1st project competition -Maharashtra state level 1st project competition •National level 2nd business idea competition •State level 1st business idea competition •IIT Bombay Top 10 Young Inventor •Malaysia Country product catagory gold award

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