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When a crab invites itself at home

In 2020, 80 percent of cancer patients will be treated at home. Accompagny patient to facilitate their daily life.

Ce qu'il fait

My project decides to make everyday life more comfortable. This project allows the patient to sleep, wash, be mobile while performing chemotherapy.  The chemotherapy at home during 1 at 6 days and need to be pleasant.

Votre source d'inspiration

I like design medical and more precisely the care. I decided to work in the cancer during one year because this disease affects many people. This solutions come from differents meetings with patients,doctors,nurses, ergotherapists.Currently chemotherapy in the hospital is quite constraining because the patients have to stay all day long. Because of shorter hospitalization, in 2020, 80 percent of cancer patients will be treated at home. Currently the medical objects are not adapted in a home because they are constant reminders of the disease.Transposing the hospital at home is not a solution. It is important to find a better solution for them.

Comment ça marche

Firstly, I created a patch access to facilitate the cip acces during the nurses. The second object is a bag system The shape is around the shoulders to keep the bag comfortable, and keep moving.  This bag is composed in two parts the support and the pocket. The pocket comes off easily to be adaptable to other situation such as shower or sleep time. The third object allows to take a shower easily. It’s a waterproof box is hung with suction cup in the wall.  The quatuor project it’s a system to facilitate the sleep because is more constraining due to the pipework. The system is stuck under the mattress and articulate overhead the bed. Thanks to that It can follow the movement of the patient during the sleep.

Processus de conception

More precisely my design approach. It is important for the patient that the designer works “ with them” rather than “for them”. Therefore the designer must have experience their daily life and be empathic. I have lived for 48 hours with a chemotherapy system to feel their needs. During this immersion I understood several problems. Indeed after the creative period I prototyped all the products to check with patients and professionals. Then after this experience I adapted the objects according to their feedback. During this experience I understood patients problems with their chemotherapy system. To understand better the patient problems I interviewed different patients, doctors and associations. By doing so that I saw the beginning of the problem it was the current chemotherapy system.  Every time I had a prototype, I’d try it on patients, doctors to improve the concept. I improve the ergonomics.

En quoi est-il différent ?

This project is innovative because for this moment anyone worked for this problems, And I put the patient at the heart of the project. It’s more important to propose a concept with them rather than for them.

Plans pour l'avenir

In the future I will like develop this project more to distribute to patient and to facilitate their daily lives during the chemotherapy.


I won the competition " l'hôpital du futur" and I'm the jury’s favorite in Paris in Cancer Campus ( cancer center research )

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