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EVE - Anti-Aggression Bracelet

EVE is a personal security bracelet which brings efficient defense solutions with the best of communication technology in a wearable and functional design to make women safer in their daily life.

Ce qu'il fait

In case of an aggression EVE can be activated easily by the victim; it will instantly launch an effective 10-seconds deterrent panic alarm followed by an automatic call to the police, sending them the victim’s location and audio recordings of the aggression.

Votre source d'inspiration

Violence against women is a worldwide issue and the statistics in France are frightening; in 2017, 8.2 % of women between 18 and 29 years old have been physically or sexually assaulted. This issue touched us personally since Mathilde experienced an aggression in 2017. She felt helpless and was not able to react in time. This finding was confirmed in our exchanges with the police: victims hardly ever manage to call the police or activate a self-defence tools during an aggression due to shock paralysis or prevented by the attacker. We therefore wanted to use technology and ergonomic design to give women an effective self-defence tool.

Comment ça marche

EVE has a two-step safe activation process to launch the emergency functionalities. 1. UNLOCK: EVE first needs to be shaken repetitively 5 times. An accelerometer and a gyroscope detect the translations and the rotations of your wrist. Through the code, the information given will awake the device and light a led. The bracelet is ready to be activated. 2. TRIGGER: EVE can be launched either by voice recognition of three words which would have been recorded previously, or, by fist closing which will pressure the sensor placed in the elastic section of the bracelet. This combination of actions launches the 110dB alarm, the call to the police and share with them live audio recording and GPS location. EVE works independently from the victim’s phone so does not rely on phone proximity or phone battery. If EVE is not triggered within 5 minutes of being UNLOCK, both steps have to be repeated.

Processus de conception

The aim was to design a small, light, accessible and wearable device so the idea of designing a bracelet easy to put on came up after several researches. The main medallion is divided in two main parts, the first contains the electronic and the second is the passage for the elastic section that goes around the wrist. We integrated the constrains of use in the design early on to ensure EVE would be easy to use in any emergency case. The bracelet must be worn around the wrist, or with the elastic band across the thumb placing the trigger button conveniently on the palm of the hand. As such, the hidden button in the elastic section means that EVE can be activated single-handedly, simply by a shake of the wrist and a fist pressure. In this position, the elastic strength holds the device on the wrist articulation area. This is why we integrated a soft plastic duct link in the center of the medallion, that allows every movement to be done freely. Finally, we worked on the engineering optimization, by reducing the number of parts, and ensuring it's manufacturing feasibility at large scale production.

En quoi est-il différent ?

To date, the self-defense market is led by old-fashion pepper sprays and alarms which are all manually activated and have low effectiveness. EVE brings together mature technologies such as panic alarms and the best of today’s communication technology (to send live data to the appropriate emergency service) to make a unique multi-feature security device. Secondly, EVE is also the first self-defense device to have been thought and designed to be worn by women and help them in any type of aggression. Unlike any other self-defense device, EVE ergonomic device allows for an activation even in cases of personal belonging robbery or immobilization by the attacker. Moreover, unlike a number of self-defense items, EVE is fully legal and cannot be used against the victim. The device is also secured against cyber-attacks to keep personal data safe. Finally, EVE is a safe device to be worn and will not be activated accidentally.

Plans pour l'avenir

We designed EVE for women protection. This is a worldwide issue so we believe EVE has the potential to help women from all countries around the world. Moreover, EVE functionalities and smart triggering mechanisms could be used by anyone who want to feels safer in their daily life, from extreme sportsman, isolated workers and even children. In order to adapt to several user type, EVE will be configurable trough a mobile app interface in order to personalize the type of risk identified, and tailor specific alerts to different emergency services or family. Our aim is for EVE to become leader of personal safety devices.


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