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Solar energy for everyone! The first smart plug-and-play photovoltaic and storage system for city dwellers and tenants. SolMate is aimed to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy.


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  • Main use case of SolMate (balkony installation)

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Was es macht

SolMate is a photovoltaic & storage system which can be self-installed by any customer - easily via plug & play. It will enable wider sections of the population to participate in the energy revolution & help to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy.

Deine Inspiration

The energy revolution is one of the most important responses to the environmentally harmful effects of climate change. There is a worldwide consensus that global carbon dioxide emission needs to be reduced drastically. One of the key aspects of the complex agenda of the energy revolution is the transition towards a decentralized form of power supply based upon renewable energies. Aside from politics and economy, the involvement of the population in the energy revolution is of crucial importance to succeed in this challenge. Thus far, however, there has been a lack of products and solutions specifically designed for certain target groups.

So funktioniert es

SolMate is based on the patented measurement technology “Net Detection”, which was invented by the start-up company Efficient Energie Technologie (EET). Through this technology SolMate is able to measure the current energy consumption of any household and feed it with self-generated solar energy via plug and play without any bureaucracy. The system consists of several lightweight photovoltaic panels and a compact storage unit. The panels are connected via cable to the storage unit, which in turn is plugged into any standard power socket outlet. The self-generted electricity flows through this socket directly into the in-house power grid and is made available throughout the entire apartment. SolMate knows if you need electricity and when it should feed it into the home grid. If no electricity is consumed, SolMate stores your green electricity in the compact energy-storage unit for later.


This project was in collaboration with the start-up EET. Our focus within our Eco-Innovative Design master thesis was the concept and product development of the first generation of SolMate. The intensive engagement with theoretical aspects of the energy revolution, mega trends as well as project-specific technologies allowed us to identify and point out potentials and weaknesses and to integrate those into the conceptual refinement. The subsequent ecological accounting of SolMate then provided information on the usefulness of the product from an ecological perspective. One of the central concerns throughout the entire product development process was the maximizing of sustainability while simultaneously considering the financial and production-orientated feasibility in the surrounding of a young start-up. During our project we built up several prototypes of the product. Including functional prototypes, physical design models and paperprototypes. Besides the physical product development, this project also encompassed the complete design of the "MySolMateApp". Including ideation and generation of use cases, features, interaction flows and graphic design. The final outcome of this digital part was a functional click prototype of the "MySolMateApp".

Warum es anders ist

SolMate, the first mini-photovoltaic system worldwide with an integrated energy storage, will allow wider sections of the population to actively participate in the energy revolution. Particularly for broader parts of the urban population, Solmate will offer a first-time oppor- tunity to realize personal convictions and reduce one’s own carbon dioxide emission. SolMate is conceptualized as an outdoor balcony system and aimed at tenants and apartment owners without their own roof surfaces. It is designed primarily to feed self-generated power into the household. Through intelligent energy management, the product will increase the user’s energy efficiency. An off-grid modus will further facilitate isolated operation as well as emergency energy supply. Its low complexity and easy access to energy generation are crucial features of the product. Through the plug-and-play principle, the system can be put into operation without the help of any qualified personnel.

Pläne für die Zukunft

Currently we are working on the final manufacturing data for the first series of SolMate. Potential customers can already order the product on our website (www.eet.energy). It is planed to start shipping this year. In order to bring as many SolMates as possible into world, to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy, we are always searching for sales partners and distributors to grow our business.


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