TwoToFive – The furniture system that grows with you

TwoToFive – The furniture system that grows with you

  • Final Product
    Final Product
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  • Prototype 03
    Prototype 03
  • Prototype 02
    Prototype 02
  • Idea generation
    Idea generation
TwoToFive - How it works
What It Does

‘TwoToFive’ is designed to stimulate the needs of today’s society living at a high pace lifestyle on small spaces in growing urbanized areas. By being adjustable to any wall size, it is independent from the floor plan and adapts to the user’s personal needs.

The Inspiration

In 2050 it is expected, that around 70% of the world’s population will live in urbanized areas. This means that living space will become rare and the number of small living spaces will increase. Moreover, globalization and digitalization fosters a high pace lifestyle: people move often, living situations change. That’s why we need a home furnishing solution that is flexible enough to adapt to changing living situations and to move with its user as well. Moreover the solutions should be affordable but provide a high quality at the same time to accompany its user over many years.

How It Works

‘TwoToFive’ is based on a double-layered scissor mechanism thus the system can be adjusted to any wall size between two and five meters. Hereby it gets independent from any floor plan. The installation of ‘TwoToFive’ is as easy as intuitive: making use of natural forces and friction the system is simply leaned against the desired wall. Additionally rubber feet and an adhesive fixation make sure that it stays in place – no drilling needed! Finally, the background mechanism can be completed with a range of elements offering different home furnishing functions. As the elements are simply screwed onto the background mechanism, they can be taken off at any time and be replaced by new functions. Hereby flexibility and personalization are becoming the key features of ‘TwoToFive’!

Stages of Development

The design process started with a simple small scale prototype made out of ice lolly sticks. Hereby the relation between height and width of the scissor mechanism was assessed. As the preliminary test showed, that the change of the height does not affect the usability of the product, a second small scale prototype (1:20) was built. This prototype was already closer to the measurements and proportions of the real design and was produced with a laser cutter. The first elements were prototyped in small scale (1:20) out of foam board. After proving the idea and function of the system, a first real size prototype (1:1) was build. Hereby different hanging mechanisms, hooks and materials were tested. The real size prototype was also used to conduct user testing. The user testing session showed the preferences of the users regarding material and hanging mechanisms. A key decision at this point was the change from metal to wood used for the background mechanism. Subsequently, smaller prototypes of details were built, to develop and test the hanging mechanism. Eventually, a second real size prototype (1:1) was build. Hereby the final hanging mechanism was simulated with a mock-up solution to proof its feasibility. This is also the current stage of the product.


Looking into existing solutions for small space living and a high pace lifestyle, it appears that there is no comparable product to ‘TwoToFive’. Current solutions fail regarding the following characteristics: most of the solutions are tailor-made thus very expensive and not even flexible in the sense of moving with the user in a new apartment. Regarding flexibility and personalization it appears that current solutions can be personalized at the point when the purchase through user happens. However, the functions cannot be changed afterwards, thus they fail in adapting to changed living situations. Additionally, there is no current solutions which adapts to the wall size and which is independent from the floor plan at the same time. Finally, ‘TwoToFive’ aims at offering different colors and styles – at the moment current solutions only offer ‘modern’ styles, but discard the target group, who identifies with a traditional style of furniture.

Future Plans

Currently, we promote our product as much as possible to check on its acceptance and its desirability. Moreover, we look for possible investors and supporters for the product to be able to mass produce it. However, we still have to improve and develop certain features: these include the final details of the screws used in the hanging mechanism, but much more the range of elements. The aim is to offer as many home furnishing functions as possible – ideally in different styles and colors. Yet, both action – promotion and development – goes hand in hand, we think. Eventually, we want to make an impact in people’s everyday life!


Winner of the Ghost Project 2017
Awarded as Outstanding Project at the Ghost Project Exhibition 2017