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What It Does

During a circulatory collapse of humans the tongue fell into the throat by 50%. The tongue blocks the air supply of the lungs and the affected will suffocate. “Su” helps the bystander in this situation to pulled the tongue out easily and safely.

The Inspiration

The source of inspiration for this product was a conversation with an ambulance officer during my education as a volunteer firefighter. The ambulance officer told me that in case of a circulatory collapse, there is a higher than 50% risk that the tongue will slacken and block the patient‘s throat. This hinders the proper implementation of first aid measures.
Having received this important information, I started to search for a product that assists bystanders to remove the tongue from the patient‘s throat in such an emergency situation. When I realized that such a product does not exist, I started to develop it myself.

How It Works

Su consists of a rubber bellows and a plastic tip. With the product‘s functionality I put a proven system to new use. The compression of the bellows creates a vacuum which sucks the tongue to the plastic tip. Afterwards, the tongue can be pulled out easily and safely. When the affected person‘s breathing is back to normal he can be moved into a stable side position. If the person is not breathing the helper can begin a cardiac massage.

To sum up, this is a product which provides safety when giving first aid, as it prevents injuries and virtually no previous knowledge is required, which can save valuable time.

Its like they say: Every second counts!

Stages of Development

My development phase started off with many freehand sketches to define the best profile for the product. My aim was to design a product that is self-explanatory and that lies comfortably in the first aider‘s hand.
After I had found several suitable shapes, I started to build paper models to get a better idea of the proportions. Once I had found the best proportion for the product, I created it in 3D to have a good visualization, which I could use to explain it to others. As a next step, I presented my product to ambulance officers as well as to ordinary people in order to gain a different perspective. This helped me to realize that the product needed to become more self-explanatory. Consequently, I adjusted the design and built a prototype in the factory.


Not the design of "Su" is unique but the whole product is unique. "Su" solves a existing problem in the first-aid and this makes the product matchless.

90% of accidents requiring first aid happen at home. 50% of circulatory collapses cause the patient’s tongue to slacken and consequently block the air supply. 25% of people affected suffocate within only a few minutes, as this situation is unknown to the first aider. All resuscitation attempts are useless as long as the tongue is stuck in the throat.
Relatives, friends and acquaintances are the first persons who are required to provide first aid. Su is the ideal tool for exactly those people – emotionally affected and mostly insecure first aiders.

Those characteristics – the intuitive design, the easy comprehension of application, the reusability – make Su an essential part of every well-equipped first aid kit.

Future Plans

The next step for my product is to find an investor or a producer to give "Su" the last 5% for the marketability.
I hope that i get some attention with this award to find the right partner.

My goal is to help the bystander in this situation with my product and to save lifes.


Green Product Design Award Selection 2016
German Design Award Nominee 2017