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What It Does

I-Master is a martial arts training system which is suitable for the skillful practitioners and novices without prerequisite knowledge.

The Inspiration

Bruce Lee make Kung Fu go famous in the world and much of people love Kung Fu. Martial art (Kung Fu) in china is quite secret like a magic. But it actually is a science about human structure and force transport. Today much of Kung Fu teacher do not know how to teach Kung Fu in a science theory. So I want to design a machine can make people learn Kung Fu more correctly and make Kung Fu to be a common sport in the world. People are more easier to play martial art in everywhere even at home.

How It Works

For the teaching, it shows the skill action to the user, and it can read the human skill and indicate the incorrect movement. User could follow the instruction on I-Master to learn Kung-fu step by step easily. For the skill practice, I-Master had the auto move punching targets for the skill and reaction training. The training record such as the punching speed, reaction time and skill movement accuracy would be show to the user. The adjustable punch level and quantity could be fit for the different kind of the Kung-fu style. It is possible that the user who wants to uses the I-Master as a common punching bag.

Stages of Development

Firstly, I make the dimension of I-master. It should fit for any type of body size whether different race, gender, body size. Also it should suit for any type of martial art movement. So I design the different distance and height adjustable target parts.
Secondly, I-Master have the 3D camera (like Kinet) to monitor the user movement. AI would rank the user training for their reference for improve their skill. Also the camera would calculate the punch and kick power by record the movement speed and punch size.
Thirdly, martial art training should train the combat skill. So the auto-move target pad is designed with electric-magnet parts which controled by computer. User can train their reaction and combat skill with this.
Finally, The I-Master with a LCD which would play the training tutorial. The LCD also is use for a mirror with the camera.


Now the martial art training device like punching bag and MMA device, they are only can use by experience user. But I-Master except the basic training function, the main useful is it can teach user the correct martial art movement, and make user easy to monitor the training process and result.
Individual user is difficult to get combat training. The auto-move punching target solved this problem. Also those punching target set are adjustable which make I-Master fit for different kind of human race, gender, body size and martial art type.

Future Plans

I wish I-Master would be common to every fitness center or gym room, or private place like a club house or bigger house.
As I said, I would like to make traditional martial art to be a common sport in the world by this design.