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Short image of our handmade production and the result in use.
What It Does

Brushing your teeth: it’s a necessary evil. Especially children hate this task and dare to forget it when they see the opportunity. Thanks to our brand new and durable manual toothbrush, kids experience when it’s time to stop brushing in a magical way!

The Inspiration

Toothbrushes for children exist in all colors and shapes, but are rarely meeting all consumer needs. An extensive market research and problem analysis made us see urgent need for a qualitative toothbrush. According to dentists, children should learn to brush manually because only then can a perfect brushing technique be taught. However, parents often prefer an electronic toothbrush rather than a manual alternative because of the handy built-in timer. Time to combine and integrate best of both worlds.

How It Works

The handle of the toothbrush changes color completely when used for 2 minutes. This way, children see with their own eyes when it’s time to stop. The discoloration is accomplished by a special mixture of silicone and thermochromic pigments. We made sure the color changes exactly after 2 minutes by strategically selecting the right activation temperature.

The ideal toothbrush should ensure that children learn to brush independently and sufficiently. We decided to eliminate every kind of electronics and opted to use renewable brushing heads as well, as the environment and durability are undeniable. The magical handle can be used for over 13 years, by the way. Who said a manual toothbrush couldn’t be durable?

Stages of Development

This product is a collaboration of 3 product designers who combined forces for a period of 8 months. After a thorough research phase and conversations with both parents and dentists, we found out there was a high need of a decent childrens toothbrush.

First and foremost, we started sketching and brainstorming for unique and innovative ideas. First separately, then together. Even the craziest ideas were addressed. Afterwards, we started prototyping and experimenting with a limited selection of the highest scoring concepts.

Not only the ergonomic shape of the brush is new, also the techniques and materials are never seen before. In our final products, we made a mixture of silicone and thermochromic pigments which we then poured into our own molds. Temperature activated filaments or dipping in a similar solvent weren’t as successful.

Throughout these different phases, we always maintained contact with both experts, parents and children as we believe cocreation is extremely beneficial.


This is the first manual toothbrush with an integrated timer. We chose to establish this way of time management by something more original and ecological in comparison to electricity: body temperature. Thus, no more batteries running out or missing chargers anymore!

The toothbrush motivates children to become more independent. But wait, there is still more. The magical color change makes the child curious and stimulates her or him to keep brushing until the end. This results in a better overall health and prevents awful trips to the dentist.

In addition, we use removable brushing heads which rand new in the world of manual toothbrushes. This makes our product environmentally friendly and durable.

Future Plans

Together, we manufactured a small series of 100 toothbrushes. Though, we really believe in the potential of our idea and would like to take it to the next step.

We know it’s important to reach out for a patent first. Unfortunately, this high cost is impossible to pay this ourselves. We hope to get enough money through this contest and maybe sponsored deals to help us both commercially and financially.