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The simplest alarm in the world

You shall not pass.

  • Finished, you can see antenna

  • You shall not pass.

    You shall not pass.

  • When the alarm is turned off

  • When no movement is made for 30 seconds, the alarm is turned on

  • There was some traffic in the protected area, the alarm worked

Do czego to służy

The project is used to secure the space and detect changes in the electromagnetic field of the environment.

Twoja inspiracja

Often people wonder how to secure, for example, a safe in a bank, when no one can appear without proper authorization. In order for the alarm to ring when it should, you don't need laser protection straight from SF. A thin wire is enough.

Jak to działa

When you have ARDUINO and any copper wire, you can easily make an induction alarm. Each thin conductor is an antenna that reacts to the change of electro-magnetic field around. When you connect it to an analog input depending on its shape and length, it presents an image of an electromagnetic field around you. When any movement takes place,the field changes. If there are places where nothing can appear in the environment, this is the ideal solution. When any movement occurs, an alarm is activated. What is depicted by LEDs.

Proces projektowania

1. First, it was noticed that a signal appeared when I connected the wire without power supply to the analog input 2. wondered why and realized that the cause was an output mapping. 3. Electrical micro-pulses in a longer wire go a long way to "check" if there is anything at the end. 4. Due to the fact that these values are very small, a slight interference into the space is enough and disturbs the current flow. 5. The antenna has been modeled in a different shape 6. A lightweight helix has been found to be the most suitable 7. the project is a prototype 8. The design can be modified for larger rooms, it all depends on the shape and length of the antenna. 9. Each setting requires observation of the features occurring when the vehicle is stationary. 10. It can be easily modified

Jak to się różni

Sincerely? I don't even know if something like this is already being produced.

Plany na przyszłość

I am considering adapting the project to more advanced structures. I am considering combining the project with Creative Commons and more complex microprocessor.


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