SSAD, The diffuser to prevent roadkill

SSAD, The diffuser to prevent roadkill

  • SSAD [Silent safe barrier for roadkill]
    SSAD [Silent safe barrier for roadkill]
  •  Operating range of the device
    Operating range of the device
  • Structure of SSAD
    Structure of SSAD
  • Wildlife repellent container
    Wildlife repellent container
  • Components of SSAD
    Components of SSAD
¿Qué hace?

SSAD is a diffuser that prevents load kills. SSAD is an outdoor type diffuser containing wildlife repellent. It is installed on a road structure such as a pole or a traffic light at regular intervals to prevent wildlife from roadkill


According to the American roadkill statistics, about a million wild animals die on the road per day. There are also endangered species. Above all,road kills is not only animals, but also human casualties. In the United States, 200 people die each year, 29,000 people are injured, and the economic damage is $ 8 billion per year because of roadki. And it is a problem not only in America but the whole world. Although many methods have been implemented to prevent it, there has been no proven method. At this very moment, we recognized the need for a way to prevent roadkill for the animals to die on the road and for people who would be in trouble.

¿Cómo funciona?

SSAD is installed at regular intervals in the structures adjacent to the roads such as electric pods and street lamps to create an invisible olfactory barrier along the road to prevent wild animals from approaching the road and prevent roadkill.
it is the same as the general aroma diffuser. it is composed of compressed fiber stick,a bottle of wildlife repellent,holder for the bottle, and special cable tie.
Based on the Roadkill outbreak statistics and data of the animals in the surrounding area, blend repellent that works for animals in that area.(Each animal has different repellent components.)
It is easy to install with cable tie, and you only need to replace the bottles once a year.
Because SSADs are installed at regular intervals, they can block access to violent wildlife and lead to safe access. And it can be installed along the railway as well as on the road.

Etapas del desarrollo

In Korean farms, there is a story about putting tiger shit in the field to prevent farm damage caused by wild boar. The wild boar smells of tiger shit and runs away. We are inspired by this story, I thought I could prevent Roadkill by using the smell of predators. However, this method works only for the first time. There was an experimental result that animals knew that the smell was not dangerous but later ignored the smell.
In addition, I discovered the presence of a repellent. We thought that if animal repellents persisted around the road, wild animals would not go into the road, so both drivers and animals would be safe.
At first I tried to mix the repellent with the paint that paints the lane of the road. We expect to be able to apply a repayment system to all roads across the country and drastically reduce the incidence of roadkill. However, this method has a low persistence of odor of the repellent agent. So I thought this way too often I had to paint the lane on the road and it was too uneconomical, so I gave up on this idea.