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An easier way to keep an eye out for your pet's health and giving new life to old technology

  • UMA Final Render

  • Sketches

  • Components and materials

Para qué sirve

Uma is an smartcollar for dogs and cats. It is made from recycled plastics and uses a system processor from old smartwatches. It connects with an app in which you cant track from their water intake to their sleeping shcedule, making vet check-ups easier.

Qué te inspiró

The main idea came from having an older that had health problems but it was hard to pinpoint the exact reason she was suffering. I thought it would be easier if we had a way to be watching her all day and catch what was wrong with her, and that's when I tought about the smartwatches we use everyday to keep our own health in check, and how we could make that for animals as well. However, I didn't want to make the technology waste that exists today increase, that's how I came up with the idea of having old system processors be reused in this product and give those articles a second life cycle.

Cómo funciona

Uma works just like any other smart watch, and it connects via bluetooth to your phone in which you can check all the information as well as manage the information you want to display on the collar's screen, having it be a nameplate for your pet as well.

Proceso de diseño

It all started with the first idea of making a product which would help animals and be conscious about the waste we are making. This is a first approach to the project, so there is still some way to go for it to be a reality. While at the beginning it was just sketches and an idea, I started doing some research on how accesible it would be for the sensors to get any information from the animals and found out that the area in which the collar goes is a great place to measure some signs on animals. Another thing I did some research on were the materials that could be used and if it would make sense to use processor systems from other watch, in which case I found that it was totally viable while the products were in good condition.

Qué lo hace diferente

The thing that makes Uma different and unique is the fact that it has two main priorities. The first one is to give animals a tool in which their owner can find the comfort of knowing their loved one is being looked after and they will have all the information they need for their check-ups. The second one is that Uma is made consciously, knowing the waste it can produce but more importantly, knowing how it is helping the world by giving technology a seconf life cycle

Planes para el futuro

Uma has a way to go, and the next steps would be to create the first prototype and see how animals adapt to it as well as how the collar attaches to the animal and how the sensor works. As well as the app needs to be developed, we're closer to make Uma a reality that it was before.


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