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AMOB: Accessible Mobility Crutches.

Low cost orthopedic device made out of recyclable cardboard

Para qué sirve

This dual purpose orthopedic device made from high strength and low cost cardboard profiles is designed to be accessible to a larger percentage of the population, lightweight, recyclable and easy to transport.

Qué te inspiró

I downhill skateboard and have practiced martial arts my whole life, sports where ankle and knee injuries are prevalent (I’ve had 5 sprains total). Having to use crutches many times I started paying attention to people with the same type of injuries. Not everyone has access to medical grade orthopedics and have to resort to home-made unsafe methods, I’ve designed a low cost method that is easy to manufacture to get everyone back on their feet safely.

Cómo funciona

The design is composed of a v shaped shell and two main shafts to adjust the height just like ordinary crutches with the bonus of being a cane or walking stick when closed into its packaged position. The manufacturing process for this type of cardboard already exists so it can be adapted to treat the specific needs of any climate or terrain (water proofing, ergonomics, specs etc.)

Proceso de diseño

I studied different types of cardboard lamination and their production process to develop the best strength to weight ratio regarding the geometry and design, which came to me while visiting Valencia and being inspired by Santiago Calatrava's work in the science and arts city. From there on it was a matter of trying out different layouts and adjusting the geometry to make it work just like a regular axilary crutch.

Qué lo hace diferente

The main difference is its cost, which makes it an accessible device for the vast majority of the population. The ecological footprint is also very important. -Compact -Adjustable for any height -Easy to customize -Can be used as a cane (unfolded) or a crutch -Capable of supporting users up to 300 lbs

Planes para el futuro

I plan to keep on developing the project, get this first product into developing markets so more people can access orthopedic devices. This doesn’t stop with crutches, I’m working on other designs and want to keep on evolving what I currently have.


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