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It is a service that enables users to obtain an improved and personalized menstrual cup for each type of vagina achieving the democratization and standardization of menstrual cup sizes.

  • YouCup is your customized cup that suits your body perfectly under your personal needs.

  • It is a service improved and personalized menstrual cup for each type of vagina.

    It is a service improved and personalized menstrual cup for each type of vagina.

  • We generate with additive manufacturing a cup based on your key parameters obtained with YouData.

  • YouData is a device that measures the health and other parameters of your vagina.

  • Introduce the main parameters on the YouCup website to discover your ideal cup ready to shop!

  • YouCup aims to improve menstruating people's life in a sustainable way.

Para qué sirve

YouCup takes the conventional cup and adapts it to personal requirements. All of this is possible thanks to YouData. It is a simple device that enables you to know some parameters of your vagina which are necessary when choosing a menstrual cup.

Qué te inspiró

About 52%of the population is menstruating-On average, the menstrual stage usually lasts around 38years, it means 500cycles throughout our lives. We are using about 10k polluting products which will be in contact with our body for about 65k hours. Menstrual cup is gradually gaining ground. Its life can last up to 10years, only 4 menstrual cups in a lifetime. The economical difference can be up to 16k€ in savings. In Spain only 9%of menstruating people use the cup. Given these striking data, we wanted to find out why the cup was not the main method to use while menstruating. Is it clear what we need when looking for menstrual hygiene products?

Cómo funciona

To find the cup that best suits your body, you need to know how is your vagina. YouData is a device that you order on the website so you can take measurements. The meter allows you to know how high your cervix is, the inflatable balloon determines the state of your pelvic floor and tolerance of dilation and the screen shows the values. In the Create my cup section of the website, the values of the objective parameters are entered, such as the state of the pelvic floor, the tolerance to dilation, the length of the vagina and also some subjective values such as the amount of bleeding, if you want the easy emptying, the colour and if you need an applicator. Once the model is created and using 3D printing, the mold of the cup is printed so we can create the cup by filling the mould with silicone. Finally, the customized cup arrives at your home.

Proceso de diseño

As menstruating people as we are, we have always had concerns related to the subject. At the beginning, we realized we all had similar problems of misinformation about topics related to the period. Starting from this point and with the aim of solving why it did not work the same way in all cases and what made people undecided in buying this product. The main problems was related to leaks, poor adaptability or difficulty of extraction. Consulting with gynecologists like Dr. Jordi Genovès and Dr. Francisco Carmona, they told us about the importance of the pelvic floor, the tolerance to dilation and the height of the cervix. From these parameters, variables applied to the cup can be determined and thus determine how it will be. These variables include the diameter of the cup, capacity and hardness. Beside these variables that have to do with the physiognomy of each body, there are other variables determined by the users decision, such as the amount of bleeding, the type of handle of the cup to facilitate the extraction, the type of emptying or if you need an applicator to facilitate its emptying or removal. Once the model is created and using 3D printing as the manufacturing process, the mold of the cup is printed and it enables us to create the cup filling the mould with silicone.

Qué lo hace diferente

It is the first service that enables full customization of the menstrual cup in order to adapt the product to all types of vagina and offer a better product-user experience. The key to customizing the product for each body is the use of 3D printing as manufacturing process. It allows us to print the mould of the cup that will be filled with silicone to obtain the final product.

Planes para el futuro

Our first goal, which would be the most immediate, is to open the company in order to give life to this project. On the other hand, to be able to collaborate with the HP company and the Leitat technology center to create the moulds of the menstrual cups through their additive manufacturing technology, with which we have already worked during the master's program in Elisava. Another great achievement that represents a great challenge for us is to expand our significance/scope and cover more ground in order to solve other type of problems, including menstrual poverty and improve the quality of life of menstruating people.


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