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Urbee is a pollinating insect hotel designed to improve their condition, climate and environment, providing nests around the city.

Para qué sirve

Urbee is a pollinating insect hotel made with Multi Jet Fusion technology and designed to improve their condition and environment, providing nests around the city. It measures temperature and humidity allowing us to know the indoor environmental conditions.

Qué te inspiró

The idea arose from the problem that globally exists with pollinating insects, which are seriously threatened for various reasons, mostly human. 40% of all insect species are declining and could become extinct in the coming decades, causing devastating effects, a problem that most of the population is unaware of, and with serious repercussions. As fields become bigger we lose more hedgerows, which used to provide ample homes to a wide range of wildlife. We wanted to design a product to increase the population of these insects in cities that would go unnoticed by the citizens and blend in well with street furniture.

Cómo funciona

Urbee would be placed in the appropriate urban furniture, facing south, through a clip on the back of the housing. The humidity and temperature monitoring system is located on the inside top. Once the Urbee body is placed in the housing, it would be ready for any pollinating insect to seek shelter to lay its eggs. To carry out Urbee maintenance, a lid is necessary to prevent the entry of more insects and allowing the last larvaes to come out. Once it’s empty the cleaning process can be easily carried out. The Urbees in the city can be controlled visiting its web page, as to look at the information the sensors collected. Generating a network of urbees around the city. Via web, the product can be configured in order to adjust to the pollinators in each area. Thanks to technology, entomologists can create a network of information for future researches.

Proceso de diseño

Firstly a benchmarking of the different insect hotels that currently exist was carried out. The shape was very versatile since, depending on the needs of the location of the project, the cavities had to be adapted, so at the beginning we were moving in a very wide morphological spectrum. After talking to several entomologists, we decided to go for a minimalist and sober design, looking for the integration of Urbee in the city. As for the design of the inner part, different perforations were made with a range of 2 to 12 mm in diameter and a maximum of 12 cm in length, housing most of the pollinating insects. The space between perforations was covered with lattice structures, providing rigidity, thermal and moisture needs. Each cavity has 1/4 of weaverbird structures preventing excess humidity. Due to the fraction of air left by these types of structures, the product works very well as a thermal insulator, in addition to a lower weight.

Qué lo hace diferente

Urbee is a reconceptualization of a conventional insect hotel, focused on creating an information and service network for pollinating insects. This product offers solutions that a conventional insect hotel does not provide, taking care of humidity, temperature and maintenance, as well as information management, remotely thanks to the electronics inside. Thanks to additive manufacturing, geometries can be made that help solve problems that were not previously solved.

Planes para el futuro

In the future, we would like to be able to make urbee open source, so that anyone can print their own, thus favoring these insects. We would also like to implement the technology and also add an occupancy sensor, with an application so that anyone can get the data from their own shelter.


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