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The casual, lightweight and resistant motorcycle protection for everyday use.

  • PAnGO

  • Motorcycle vest with bakc protection for hot temperatures

  • Light and compact

  • Resistant

  • Smart

Para qué sirve

Vest with back protection for motorcyclists. Lightweight, breathable for warm times or climates, foldable to occupy the minimum space and to be able to store in the helmet, customizable, printed in 3d so that the protections adapt to the back of each person.

Qué te inspiró

Motorcycle users don’t use protections because they forget them or because they are not day-to-day. In addition, the back protectors generate heat so that in summer or hot climates users dispense with them, putting themselves at risk since one of the critical areas in a motorcycle accident is the spine. We have been able to see closely and detect the problems presented by the protections that are currently on the market. Additive manufacturing technology was presented as the optimal solution to improve the weak points that we find in existing protections. So we put the problem together with the manufacturing process and the idea came up.

Cómo funciona

Protective vest. Everyday vest that serves as protection in the event of a motorcycle accident. It has zippered pockets to store your mobile, keys or wallet comfortably and safely. It also has a side zipper to remove the protections so you can have different vests of various styles and use one or the other depending on the user's preferences, or use the vest as another casual garment. It can be folded by rolling it up and is inserted inside the helmet to take up as little space as possible. It has a hook that connects the vest to the helmet to remind the user to put on the protections. Made of breathable fabrics and printed protection pads with 3D gyroid lattice structure that allows constant air flow, thus solving the temperature problem suffered by users of this type of garment in summer or in hot climates. The reflective patterns on the back of the vest change color on impact allowing paramedics or assistants to visually know where the blow occurred.

Proceso de diseño

For the design process we rely on the protections that currently exist on the market at the competition level. Also in the biomimicry of animals such as the pangolin or the armadillo, since they are animals with tough skin but can roll up on themselves, and in samurai armor, since they are practical and easy to put on. That's where we get the design insights: practical, discreet and casual. So we started sketching casual style vests, to be worn on a day-to-day basis, and that could be folded to take them anywhere. We also made a model to see the folding system and a full-scale prototype with 3d printed materials and handwoven.

Qué lo hace diferente

It differs for being a breathable, lightweight and foldable protection. There is no protection currently on the market that meets these characteristics, since those that exist give heat or are focused on a more specialized user and are not discrete protections. Reminds users to use it thanks to the hook that connects the vest to the helmet. It is designed from the vertebrae of the spine, protecting key points or those that need extra protection due to a malformation or disease. It is a product adaptable to each user. The protections are designed based on the actual measurements of each user, thus adapting the shape. The product has reflective patterns on the back that change color upon impact, helping paramedics identify the affected areas in an accident with the naked eye.

Planes para el futuro

We plan to offer the user a range of PAnGO that goes from a more casual style to a more sporty one. Generate a functional prototype with the real materials to be able to carry out tests and verify that the protections are optimal. Also, carry out a validation study with users to find out their opinions and feelings about the real product. And finally, raise the scalability of the product to produce it industrially and evaluate the business model to be able to adapt to other areas such as electric scooters or bicycles.


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