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Remote and personalized bruxism therapy

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Para qué sirve

Cervox helps and improves therapy in bruxism patients. Due to Electroanesthesia this device removes the pain in just 15 minutes for approximately 24 hours having no contradictions.

Qué te inspiró

Mental health is one of the biggest issues in today's world. This problem branches into several physical affectations such as bruxism, leading to 7 out of 10 people in the world to live with it. Taking everything into account, and moreover, being close to people who suffer from bruxism, was what ultimately made us take interest in this area.

Cómo funciona

The device will be 3D printed and personalized for each patient. It consists of a headband that will be made of PA11 HP plastic covered in silicone. The cables will go though the inside, with specific electrode points placed where the therapist considers. The source of power will come from a module in the center of the headband containing the 5v battery, bluetooth module, electronics, a button, microcomponents and magnetic charging. Inspiration Wise, we focused the morphology of the product in the horns of the deer and the exoskeleton aesthetic. As a result, we concluded in a clean and unisex design.

Proceso de diseño

The first design iteration was a device with two main pieces, each with a battery and electrodes to be placed on the face with the silicone. The second iteration was a single headband. Finally, the third iteration resulted in the combination of the headband and the central module for simplicity. As a matter of a fact, the whole concept was based upon minimalist trends, the use of beats as a theme and ,as mentioned before, the influence of deer horns.

Qué lo hace diferente

All in all, our product sets a new way of approaching the current treatment of bruxism. The innovation of the whole proposal lies in a 3 step process: the professional diagnosis, the production of a 3D model of the headband with the personalized electrodes points and lastly the 3D head scan. Furthermore, through our App the patient will be in direct communication with their doctor, being the latter the one who adjusts the frequency and intensity of the electroanalgesia. Consequently, once the patient is in pain, they will only need to put on the headband.

Planes para el futuro

Eventually, our future plan is to develop the App. To do so the first step would be creating a functional prototype and running tests with patients with this condition. Once this process is successfully done, what follows would be to integrate this into the current medical system and work hand in hand with a kinesiology therapist, making the treatment more accessible and reducing bruxism and its complications.


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