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Registering is your first step in entering the competition.

If you're working as a team, all team members must register an account so we can verify your eligibility. One of you will be responsible for submitting the entry.

Please note: you will only be accepted into the award if you meet our eligibility requirements. These are outlined here.


*In order to be eligible, you must be over 18

*Phone number (incl. international dialling code)

We need this information for administrative purposes. We won't share it with any other organisation. Your project might generate some media interest, though – so if it does, we'll be in touch using your contact details.

*Email address

*Set a password (min: 8 characters)

Make your password stronger by including a mix of uppercase and lowercase numbers, letters and non-alphanumeric characters.

*Name of university

*What country or region is this in?

(Can't see yours listed? Double-check our Entry Criteria.)

*Degree subject

*You need to provide official documentation that proves you are studying this subject (or have graduated in the last four years). This may include:

  • Transcripts
  • A signed letter from your professor or dean
  • Dated class schedules
  • Grade reports
  • Degree certificate

We accept evidence in PDF, MS Word and JPEG formats.

*Profile type

At least one member of a team must be studying or have graduated in the last four years from an engineering, product design or industrial design degree. All other team members must be (or have been within the last four years) enrolled for at least one semester in an undergraduate or graduate programme.

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