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MAYA is a motorcycle designed to defy product obsolescence.

  • MAYA the Most Advanced Yet Adaptable

  • MAYA in its natural environment. Watch MAYA change, assemble, and ride off into the sunset.

    MAYA in its natural environment. Watch MAYA change, assemble, and ride off into the sunset.

  • MAYA allows an infinite amount of different motorcycle models by only changing three components.

  • The handle detail on the propulsion component. Simply lift up and slide in to power MAYA.

  • The Metal parts ready to be assembled and make MAYA's modular frame.

  • MAYA's modular frame fully assembled. With seat structure & propulsion component structure attached.

What it does

Rather than becoming obsolete MAYA can reuse the same platform to create a whole new vehicle. By simply replacing three components (the propulsion unit, the seat structure, and the upper assembly) MAYA can be adapted into infinite types of motorcycle models.

Your inspiration

Ever increasing advancements in technology and the latest design trends have led to consumers discarding outdated products for brand new versions, generating an unprecedented level of waste. Rather than creating another vehicle that will quickly be outdated I wanted to design a vehicle made to change. From the latest cutting edge electric motorcycle to an affordable combustion motorcycle MAYA can serve any rider despite their economic condition. MAYA can bridge the wealth gap by giving every single rider an equal opportunity to stay up to date, repair, and upgrade their motorcycle to be the Most Advanced Yet Acceptable, now and in the future.

How it works

MAYA's main structural component can be continually reused, dramatically increasing the product's life span. This main structure is what holds together the three other interchangeable components which make up MAYA's technology and aesthetics. These components are the propulsion unit, the seat structure, and the upper assembly which attach to only two notches in the structural frame and utilizing just three bolts. To install new MAYA components to an existing frame just simply slide in the propulsion unit, attach and bolt the seat structure and propulsion unit, connect the upper assembly and plug in wiring to propulsion unit. Now you are ready to ride.

Design process

Creating a motorcycle designed to be upgraded was my dream since my first motorcycle build in high school. Yet after four years of ID at the University of Houston my dream had evolved into this three month thesis project. Before any designing took place there was a four month process of ordering and shipping an electric motorcycle from china to America. As soon it had arrived I disassembled the motorcycle to its bare components where I would utilize the major components in the final prototype. (72 volt lithium ion battery, motor controller, wiring harness, rear hub motor, front wheel and suspension assembly, and controls, (as well as a used Suzuki rear fork altered to fit the rear hub motor)) The next step involved 3D modeling all parts mentioned and designing a modular sheet metal structural frame and aesthetics via solid works. Then created a 1/8 model in balsawood to test the design. Then moved to creating the real frame. Designed full assembly process with simple bends, cuts, slot, and tabs to be made out of 1/8 inch steel sheet. Total build time consisting of CNC plasma cutting, ten ton metal break and assembly/welding entire frame was done in less than a week. Then after just 3D printed/foam aesthetic parts, paint, vinyl wrap, and rewiring MAYA was up and fully functional.

How it is different

What makes MAYA different than any other motorcycle and most products is its designed philosophy. When most products are designed they design the technology first then design the structure around that technology and the aesthetics around that structure. Now a product designed like this may function and look very good. It leaves every single product designed this way with one fatal flaw. That is every one of these products are susceptible to becoming obsolete. But MAYA redefines how we design. What if we design the structure first and let that structure define the shape and orientation of the technology and aesthetics around it? Well if done correctly we could have products that can update its aesthetics and technology continuously while the structure could be reused and passed down and through generations of users.

Future plans

MAYA has been my dream for a long time now. But i am not as naïve as i may look. I understand that in order to do this motorcycle justice it would take a fortune or backing from a pre existing automotive manufacturer both of which i would be delighted to have taken up this project. But MAYA stands for much more than a motorcycle. MAYA is the reiteration of the greater Raymond Lowey's Most Advanced Yet Acceptable to a more sustainable Most Advanced Yet Adaptable. An idea that I hope to inspire other designers, and an idea I hope to show through my design carrier.


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