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National Winner

Тhе storage system "DROP BOX"

The automated storage system under the ceiling helps to store things.

  • Automated storage system under the ceiling DROP BOX

  • Lighting system. Mounting of lamps to the boxes.

  • Storage system in different apartments.

  • The telescopic lifting system and fixation of the boxes on mechanical locks.

  • Visualization in real space. Remote control and mobile application.

What it does

My invention is a brand new decision for storage things in small apartments. It consists of boxes for storage and lightening system. Thanks to telescopic lifts people can lift those boxes and keep them under the ceiling.

Your inspiration

The problem of storage in small apartments is particularly relevant. Due to lack of space people have to collect their stuff in a garage, which is not convenient and lead to losing things. In flats things fall out from wardrobe or all free space is occupied by small objects. My friends' apartment is always in a mess. Both - my friends and I are tired of it. They have to keep their belongings in the boxes in the garage. Not to forget where they put their stuff they have to write everything in a notebook. But despite on those notes, they can't find anything. So, those difficulties inspired me to this invention.

How it works

The storage system has telescopic lifts, which raises and lowers by winches and motor. The main problem was in fixing the boxes on top. Electronic locks are very convenient, but when the power is off, the boxes will fall down. I had to come up with a mechanical lock with a dowel on top. The locks can be opened by pressing the button on the box. The storage system has a remote control and a mobile application. The mobile application has a function of creating a things' catalog. This feature makes easy to find the right thing. The storage system also has a lighting system and the shades can be attached to the bottom of the boxes. The power supply is inside the telescopic lifts. The lamps have light diffusers for better room lighting. Each user has an opportunity to choose a different combination and number of boxes and lamps for their needs. The boxes have different sizes. The lamps can be mounted on four types of boxes.

Design process

I was thinking about how to create a convenient and beautiful storage system. At first, I planned to place the boxes around the perimeter. But then I decided that it would be uncomfortable. I realized that the storage system should be located in the center of the ceiling. Then I was thinking about the boxes' shape and I had a lot of ideas. My boxes were round, wavy, oval and others. As a result, I realized the most convinient boxes' form is square and rectangular. So, it is easier to create any combination and this solution is suitable for any apartment. Next step was to design a lifting system. I studied different existing versions of lifts and realized telescopic lifting system is most suitable for my invention. It is reliable, but not bulky. The most difficult question for me was how to fix the boxes at the top, so they do not fall when the power is turned off, but I found a proper decision.

How it is different

I didn't find any direct analogues of my storage system. I believe this invention is a brand new and it can solve problems of many people, who lives in small flats.

Future plans

I'd like to have my system used by many people living in small apartments. I'll be happy to help them! So, my plan is to get a patent for my invention, to create a prototype of the technology and to find investors, which can help me with a product manufacturing.


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