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Light Chaser

Chaser provide a fun breath training experience for autistic children in a light intelligence way

What it does

This exerciser can guide the child to breathe in the right way to prepare for language training. And it also brings pleasure, so the child can take the initiative to adhere to the training. Children can use breath to coordinate mentality to help treat autism.

Your inspiration

From the start point of view, it is particularly important to surmount the speech and language barriers and cultivate the communication skills of autistic children through the correct breath training. From the point of interest of autistic children, they tend to have a special liking for some objects that can rotate and repeat the action. So starting from what interests autistic children, use the light effect of rotation to trigger the fun of children's game play.

How it works

he prototype program is carried and run by an Arduino UNO R3 microcontroller. It uses breath sensor and code to detect the time and rate of breath, and uses button to select the mode. It outputs system sound, guide sound and feedback sound through MP3 module and speaker. The inner ring of the LED rings is the guiding light, and the outer ring is the chasing light. The rotating speed of the ring is faster when exhaling and slower when inhaling. The color of the light is different in different modes. The chasing light will become colorful when the breath is right. The under light loop also provides feedback lighting. The number of beads on the LED band will be increased when breathing rightly. When all the four lights are turned on, the current training mode will be completed and the under light loop will give the final feedback light.

Design process

From the initial concept, a prototype was developed. It is like a sandbox game with blowing air to control the rotation of numerous small objects (such as windmills), river-like lights and sound feedback. This prototype was fun to use, but not in good shape. Then, by drawing sketches, kneading clay, building 3D models and other methods, the product was continuously developed. On the basis of retaining the rotation of objects and the flow of lights, a smooth and lovely shape and effective training mode were determined. Then, the appearance is simplified and the entity’s rotation is abandoned. The rotating light effect of the two ring lamps is determined to guide the user's breath and reflect the actual breathing condition respectively. The human-machine relationship and an interaction logic are added so that the product is placed at a certain tilt angle. The mouthpiece can be embedded in the main body, easy to receive and convenient to hold. The icons on the buttons selected by the mode are also given a functional meaning. The final product has a harmonious appearance, with built-in lights which can rotate in different colors and a variety of training modes to choose from. It fits the image of a child with autism, and strike a balance between fun and effectiveness.

How it is different

1. Compared with the traditional three-ball breath exerciser, it is intelligent, interesting and appearance-designed. 2. Compared with holdable mechanical respiratory exerciser, the training process is visualized. It can show a more intuitive training effect and has feedback incentive. 3. Compared with the professional intelligent exerciser, APP and numerical value are omitted, making interactive operation easier, feedback more intuitive and easy for children to use. 4. Compared with breath training toys, training on the basis of keeping fun is more professional and effective.

Future plans

Firstly, the product light effect can be adjusted, then more professional and effective sensors can be used and the code iteration can be carried out, and then the integration of technical prototype and product model was realized. Put the product into actual user groups for usability test, and develop and upgrade the product according to the results. Finally realize the mass production of the product with the functional value and commercial value.


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