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Fist fix is a product that helps stroke patients reduce the boredom of hand rehabilitation and improve the evaluation frequency through game interaction and hand monitoring

What it does

Fist fix is a product that integrates occupational therapy and various training methods in a game way to improve the boring resistance of patients in the process of hand rehabilitation after stroke and objective rehabilitation evaluation.

Your inspiration

The upper limb dysfunction caused by stroke has the greatest impact on the social return of patients. In order to help middle-aged and elderly stroke patients have a better hand rehabilitation experience and provide timely feedback to both doctors and patients, i tried to solve it using hand monitoring equipment and interactive games to make patients exercise more actively in the game and monitor the data in the background, so that doctors and patients can understand the progress of rehabilitation every day, so as to adjust the treatment plan, reduce the consumption of time and resources.

How it works

Fist fix is composed of two parts: the interactive interface of three-stage rehabilitation game based on unity3d on PC terminal; and wireless hand detection equipment composed of Arduino, five potentiometers, hc-08 Bluetooth, gyroscope and battery. In rehabilitation, patients only need to wear gloves and play personalized audio games or "pinching lemon" games on PC , Fist Fix will record the maximum amplitude and number of exercises of patients' hands in the background, so as to help patients see the progress of rehabilitation every day, increase confidence, reduce depression tendency, and facilitate doctors and nurses to understand patients' improvement of diagnosis and treatment plan, so as to enable patients to recover at home or in the community as soon as possible and reduce the consumption of medical resources.

Design process

After establishing the research topic, the research methods such as literature research, interview survey and observation were used to study the needs and pain points of patients and medical care in the process of stroke rehabilitation; Then, combined with relevant hand medical knowledge, the monitoring mode of finger movement in rehabilitation exercise was mechanically transformed; Through the potentiometer and mechanical structure, the finger flexion and extension is converted into potentiometer signal; The potentiometer and Arduino, hc-08 Bluetooth and gyroscope battery are integrated into the functional prototype, and the arm guard is used to hold the weight to protect the patient's hand; The data is transferred to unity3d through USB to TTL for visual development; Combined with three orders of occupational therapy in functional recovery period, interaction design and game mode development were carried out, and two generations of games were iterated to form the final prototype of Fist Fix; By interviewing the rehabilitation doctors in Renji Hospital, the game content and rehabilitation evaluation interface were improved

How it is different

At present, rehabilitation equipment is mainly aimed at specific occupational therapy, which is mainly guided by equipment assisting patients with specific movement. It often has the problems of large size, high price and difficult to move. FIST FIX thinks more about the emotional feelings of patients in the process of rehabilitation, so as to provide immediate rehabilitation feedback, help patients understand their own rehabilitation progress, so as to increase rehabilitation confidence. Secondly, it uses lightweight low space and low-cost equipment to meet the needs of future home or community rehabilitation. Finally, it uses different interactive game modes to reproduce the traditional occupational therapy and integrates hand-eye coordination training. So it could reduce the overall rehabilitation time and improve the rehabilitation experience.

Future plans

In the future, i will improve the sensor mode and rehabilitation evaluation in the graduate stage, and study the enthusiasm and rehabilitation effectiveness of patients under different interaction modes, and whether the patients' psychological emotion can reduce the pressure and carry out rehabilitation exercise with optimism and confidence in the way of control group. At the same time, a platform for sharing data with professional doctors during home or community rehabilitation would be developed.


2020 Excellent Bachelor Thesis(Top 1%) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University 2020 Gold Award of Excellent Graduation Design in School Of Design, SJTU

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