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Tired of falling crutches and sore hands? The MySleeve is a cover for handles that fits all kinds of crutches. It has a gel patch for soft touch and a magnet to prevent them from falling down.

  • The MySleeve presented on regular crutches. Also fits anatomic handles.

  • An expert opinion and user reviews about the MySleeve. Because their opinion matters most!

    An expert opinion and user reviews about the MySleeve. Because their opinion matters most!

  • Magnets in action! People drop their crutches about 20 times/day. The MySleeves reduced it to zero

  • Dipmoulding prototype process with liquid two-component silicone. Experimented with layers etc.

  • Prototype timeline. Experiments with different materials, thicknesses, integrated magnets and shapes

  • MySleeves 'parked' against the radiator (magnetism). Also parks against cars or picks up keys.

What it does

The MySleeve is a silicone cover that is easily mounted onto your own crutch handle. It solves three most common problems using crutches with an eye for design. It eliminates sore hands, a bad grip and prevents crutches from falling.

Your inspiration

My grandmother had to use crutches and even though she never complains, she did about the crutches; her hands hurt, the crutches would always fall down, etc. Crutches have been the same for decades, just like the complaints that come with it. That's when I thought that somebody had to do something about that. Since I was a designer anyway, I thought: "Why don't I do it myself?". So I started making prototypes and kept testing them with test users until they were satisfied about the product. It was a long way of ups and downs and looking back, I'm really proud of what I have achieved during and after my studies.

How it works

How does the MySleeve work? The MySleeve contains a PU-gel patch that distributes the pressure points of the hand to prevent blisters and sore hands (big problem, often even after two days use). On the hard plastic of the crutch handle a lot of our users get sweaty hands so that they slide off their handle. Thanks to the anti-slip of the MySleeve, our users have a better grip. Finally, against the falling crutches, a neodymium magnet was integrated in the top of the MySleeve. This allows both crutches to be quickly snapped against each other so that they can easily be leaned against the wall, chair or your own body to free your hands without being clumsy.If a crutch would drop after all, you can pick it up with the other crutch, thanks to the magnet. This prevents dangerous situations for less mobile people. It is a simple design that solves big problems.

Design process

1st idea: A new type of crutch, but to help a lot of people, we had to come up with something commercially viable to compete with big crutches manufacturers. We asked ourselves: why make new crutches, when a lot of people already have their own? So we made an add-on so the current crutches can be re-used. 2nd idea: Tripod, operated with button on the handle. → too complex 3rd idea: A cover for the handles with a gelpatch and a magnet → 1st prototype: We placed a gel cushion for feet (from the pharmacist) onto the handle against sore hands and duct taped a magnet on the top. To cover this, we used the inner tube of a bicycle. User tests got good feedback. → 2nd prototype (and many other iterations of this): we used the back of a broom and dipped it into a bucket of liquid silicone. After curing, we had our first dip moulded sleeve. We experimented with different kinds of silicone, layers, colors and users. → The 3rd prototype was manufactured: but too thin and the magnet was not integrated in the sleeve (feedback from user tests) →The 4th prototype (integrated magnet) was quite good, but the magnets were too strong for the silicone (made it tear). the 5th prototype and final product solved all those issues and was a keeper! The MySleeve was overall approved by our users.

How it is different

Sure to fit Unlike many other similar products, the MySleeve fits nearly every type of crutch. It can simply be rolled over any handle and the sleeve will take the shape of that specific handle. No need to buy new crutches, the MySleeve simply fits yours. Eliminates blisters Our users have tried everything to avoid getting blisters: textile covers, children's socks, insulation tubes, sports tape, kinetic tape, crossfit gloves etc. Nothing helped against blisters, except the MySleeve. We designed the gel patch exactly so that it gives optimal comfort, but is as thin as possible to ensure a good grip. Prevents crutches from falling Unique to our product, is that we combine 3 problems in 1 solution. In the MySleeve we integrated a magnet so both crutches snap against each other. Never again being clumsy while opening doors or answering your phone in time. If a crutch would drop after all, you can simply pick it up with the other crutch.

Future plans

A product is never fully finished, optimizations can always improve the product. Once we have more specific feedback, we know how to improve it. For now, users are quite satisfied. We do receive requests to make variants for walkers (rollators) and wheelchairs. So we are looking into that. We 're also working on some other innovative products in health to expand our product range. Recently we merged with another health start-up with complementary skills so we can scale internationally. It's good(!!) to have a team on board. Dream big, so our ambition is to be thé company to turn to for innovative products in health.


- Henry Van de Velde Award Winner 2019 - Health & Wellbeing - Supportbeurs innovation Award 2018: most innovative product - RevaNueva Award 2017: rehabilitation fair award: most innovative product - Student-entrepreneur of the Year 2017 (Unizo) - Zorgvinding 2017 (In4Care) - Winner Bizidee (business plan competition)

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