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Eat. Easy

Improve ways of eating for single handed

  • Eat. Easy a plate defender.

  • Eat. Easy a plate defender

    Eat. Easy a plate defender

  • Mockup before final prototype. To explore different shape.

  • Final Prototype.

  • Final food grade silicone prototype making process

What it does

Was a plate defender for those eating on a plate with a single hand. It could apply for those could only use a spoon when they are eating. Normally when eating with the only spoon, it cants scoop everything, and it could fall from the plate.

Your inspiration

This gets inspired where I did my final year research about how amputated patient use to achieve their daily activities, one of it was to observe and interview how they managed to eat with one-handed by using the only spoon. Most of them felt frustrated and unsatisfying when they eat. Therefore, the design of Eat. Easy could help them eating with a spoon on plate easily with the plate defender.

How it works

It only requires plating it on a flat plate when they had their meal. Especially in Asian, the main carbohydrate intake was rice with side dished. Therefore, the higher the difficulty of eating only with a spoon, sometimes food might fell out from the plate and even cant finishes everything on the plate. It was made from food grade silicon where it is safe for food. The second reason this material been used because silicon could prevent slippery on the plate, at the same time it's easy to wash for the single-handed user.

Design process

It begins with sketching on the curve shape of the Eat. Easy where there are few mockups been done to try out whether the defender works well. After different kind of design and shape been done where pre-prototype been done with food grade silicone and finalize the best design. It had created few mockups to try out whether the shape works well on plates and searching for the right material for this plate defender.

How it is different

There are problems been facing for those who are having a disability, especially how could an amputee user had their meal. Therefore Eat. Easy could change their ways of eating and with the material, could ensure its safe for it to use on food and easy the ways of washing with this flexible and soft of material. There is an existing product where it clips on the plate, but it's difficult for a one-handed user to unclip it on the plate and clip it on. So, why not something portable, and flexible like this could get their life easier.

Future plans

It’s a wild range of improving and creating a product for a disability, all kind of consideration had to take notes on. Where it could be a small scale of manufacturing for people in need. This designs it's not only for the disability, but it could apply for those mothers who carrying a baby that doesn’t have both hands on eating food, even people busy working on their task who only able to eat with single handed. It could start applying in the hospital where it could be used for patient with a hand injury, stroke and patient who need.


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