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An interactive classroom projector for children with Cerebral Palsy.

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  • Mylo transforms a desk or a wall into an interactive surface.

What it does

Mylo uses fun games/activities to promote playful learning while supporting the development of motors skills for children with cerebral palsy and eliminating the stigma/isolation related to cerebral palsy for all.

Your inspiration

Children who suffer from cerebral palsy have a very different experience of school than able bodied children. Cerebral palsy affects children both physically and intellectually, in most cases their motor skills do not develop at the same rate as able bodied children. The education system and school structures do not accommodate for this lower rate of development. Children with cerebral palsy are commonly removed from their class to attend learning support classes which in turn creates isolation and stigma for the children. A solution was needed to eliminate this stigma/isolation and support the development of their motor skills.

How it works

Mylo is an ultra-short throw interactive touch sensitive projector. Mylo has been created to bridge the gap between play and learning for children with Cerebral Palsy. Using fun games and activities to promote playful learning, Mylo supports the development of fine and gross motors skills for children with cerebral palsy. Mylo also serves as a new companion for the classroom, using voice recognition and a voice to communicate to both the teacher and the pupils. The touch sensitive display projected by Mylo can be adjusted to project on any flat surface, from a wall to a desk. Mylo eliminates the stigma and isolation related to cerebral palsy for children and promotes playful, group learning for all. The supporting web service and data collection provided will connect the teacher to the parents. Mylo is the first step towards inclusive, interactive and integrated learning for primary schools.

Design process

Mylo has been created after an extensive process of user focused design research. A number of concepts were considered at an early stage of the project, concepts such as an interactive floor, busy walls etc. These concepts all aimed to solve the issue noted above. After a review of the concepts, one was chosen, the interactive projector. Initially the project was to be created to be used indoors and outdoors but it was decided the project would just be for indoor use only. Many iterations of interactive projectors were created and tested through model making and prototyping however some were eliminated due to their aesthetics, usability and functionality. Mylo was the final concept selected. The technology and functions found in Mylo can be found in existing products however Mylo connects these functions to create an interactive projector that can be used by children. Mylo was created alongside an operating and supporting system. This supporting system is used by the pupil, teacher and parent or guardian to better connect everyone and support the child's development.

How it is different

Mylo is different to other projectors as it is an interactive projector. A key function of Mylo is its rotating lens which allows the user to use the projector in a wall mounted or desk orientation. This feature was developed through prototyping and testing. Once Mylo was created it was apparent that a supporting system was required to make the project more effective. This supporting system involves an app/operating system. This system connects the student and teacher to the parent. Mylo also can be used by all children although it is focused towards children with cerebral palsy, Mylo can and should be used by all children in the class, Mylo promotes group inclusion. Another unique feature to Mylo is the voice control function. The voice recognition feature allows the teacher in the classroom to control Mylo from anywhere in the room. Mylo is the first step towards an integrated classroom and an inclusive learning experience for children with cerebral palsy.

Future plans

Mylo is just the first step to a fully integrated learning system for all. During this project an in depth marketing plan and structure was created including a 3-year plan for Mylo. With the project initially being launched in Ireland to serve the primary school market with the view to it branching into the European market in the future. As a young designer, Mylo was a great opportunity for me to develop and broaden my understanding of design. Participating in this project and creating Mylo taught me the importance of design and the impact it can have on society.


Mylo was selected and exhibited at the Design Research Society (DRS) 2108 as part of the "Best of Emerging Young Irish Design" exhibition. This gave an opportunity for the project to be acknowledged on an international level with over 600 design researchers attending the event.

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