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A street legal tank that can climb stair and go anywhere

What it does

TENK is an all-terrain wheelchair that allows physically challenged people and senior citizens to travel easily and independently. With its unique wheel-belt system, TENK can handle different terrains such as grasslands and sand, and even overcome stairs.

Your inspiration

My father lost his legs in a tragic car accident in 2021. Since then, he has been confined to a wheelchair that limits his freedom and mobility. He faces many challenges in his daily life, such as going to work, visiting the park, or dining out. His wheelchair can’t handle rough terrains like grasslands, beaches, or stairs. Sometimes, a single step can force him to take a long detour or give up on his destination. Millions of people around the world suffer from the same problem of inadequate mobility. That’s why we decided to create a super powerful all-terrain wheelchair that can overcome any obstacle and bring joy and dignity.

How it works

TENK is a smart wheelchair that gives you the freedom to move around with ease. You can use the on-board control panel or your phone APP to steer it in any direction, adjust its speed, and climb up and down stairs. The APP keeps you updated on the distance traveled, the current speed, and the battery level of your wheelchair. In case of an emergency, the family-care system will auto-activate and send your location to your family, friends, or nearest hospital. The deployed multiple sensors such as cameras, ultrasound and IR sensor will real-time detect and analyze the wheelchair surrounding obstacle, which will keep the wheelchair stability and safely.

Design process

We first identify the physical needs of the users, such as their body size, weight, posture, mobility, and functional abilities. We started this research from my father, our community of physically challenged people, the local rehab center, and online. We consult them about their requirements, such as the terrain, climate, size, price, and accessibility of the places where they will use the wheelchair. Then, we follow the guidelines and standards for accessible design, such as the ADA Standards for Accessible Design and the ISO Standards for wheelchairs. These provide specifications for the dimensions, performance, safety, and testing of wheelchairs. Therefore, we start designed the 3D model and choose the appropriate materials and technology for the wheelchair, such as the frame type, seat configuration, wheel, and castor type, arm and footrests, axle position, propulsion mechanism, and sensors. These affect the weight, strength, durability, comfort, stability, and functionality of the wheelchair. We test and evaluate the wheelchair function using various methods, such as laboratory testing, field testing, user feedback, and quality control. This help to ensure that the wheelchair meets the needs and expectations of the users and complies with the standards and regulations.

How it is different

TENK wheelchair has a novel design wheel-belt system that allows it to move smoothly on any surface and climb over obstacles. It can adapt to any terrain, whether it’s a smooth road, a sandy beach, or a grassy field. It can overcome any obstacle, whether it’s a curb, a step, or a stair. It connects to your phone and updated you the real time speed, distance, and battery level. Besides, it also alerts your loved ones or emergency services if you need help. TENK wheelchair is designed to give people with disability the freedom and independence their deserve. The unique wheel-belt system and multi-sensor fusion technology to provide the best performance and safety. It also has a comfortable and adjustable seat that supports user posture and reduces pressure sores.

Future plans

We intend to bring TENK to market. We are currently cooperating with the Hong Kong PHAB association and the Hong Kong Federation of Handicapped Youth to invite more potential users to test and collect more user feedback. We will continuously improve our design, optimize the wheelchair performance and reduce the manufacturing cost. We are confident that our product will benefit millions of people in their daily lives. Libpet is currently seeking angel investors, business partners and product distributors. If you are interested in our startup, please contact us at Official Website:


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