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Flo is a music product for those who don't know how to play music. It allows "musical illiterates" to enjoy playing music and create music.

What it does

Flo is a musical product that allows people with no music knowledge to enjoy, play, and create music. Flo lowers the music barrier of entry so that everyone can play music using this product.

Your inspiration

Study shows that over half of the US population doesn't know music, so am I. While music is a universal language throughout the world, millions of people can't express themselves through music. Our brains are built to understand and memorize visual content better than auditorial content. I designed this product for my self and millions like me. People using flo can follow a color-guided visual map to play their favorite song and express themselves through music.

How it works

Flo visualizes music by 5 steps: 1. Numbered musical notation. The numbered musical notation is a system that uses number 1-7 to represent the music. 2. Notes - colors Flo takes those numbers and transforms 1-7 to the color spectrum of red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple. 3. Pitch & Length - flow Using the pitch indications from the numbered musical notation, Flo app generates a landscape. 3. Flow + Colors - Tone map By combining the color and landscape of the music, the users can now have a visually guided map of their song.

Design process

The project brief is to design a concept product to help Yamaha to develop their music branch. The first week I developed 20 possible categories, for example: " VR music creation," "live music experience," " music education for children," etc. We chose to develop product for non-musicians. The next three weeks I spent on interviewing 8 professional musicians and 15 non-musicians for their experience with music. While interviewing, I created around 80 possible solutions and by the end of 4th week, I had the concept of "visualize music into a game." From week 4-11, I developed 200 ideas on how to achieve this goal to "play music without knowing music" with 50 physical products. I also studied hand-held products on their form to develop a hand-held product that is easy to hold and access. While doing this, I developed the flo UI, advertising video storyboard, and Packaging. Last 3 weeks, I made my physical model, video, and UI. I 3D-printed my model body and covered it using fabric, built my video on Adobe Ae and An, prototyped the UI with Figma. I also learned how to read music and play basic keyboard from scratch during this design process.

How it is different

One of the main reasons people don't know music is that we don't have a beginner tool to learn music. For visual art creation, we can pencil and crayon but we don't have any similar product for music creation. Flo is the only tool that lowers the music's barrier of entry to almost none. The users can just pick it up and start playing.

Future plans

The future plan of flo is to build a virtual community so people can share their experience on flo. They can share their playing experience and music creation.


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