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Self Sanitizing Door Handle

To prevent people from infection by contact

  • successful case in Hong Kong shopping mall

  • initial door handle prototype

  • initial generator prototype

  • initial prototype draft

What it does

Self-sanitizing door handle is combining with advanced photocatalytic technology and blacklight technology.The light source activate door handle coating to clean and sterillize. It can minimize the risk of infection by contact and enhance hygiene of the place

Your inspiration

In 2003, SARS spread out in Hong Kong. It infected thousands and killed hundreds here. People noticed that the importance of public health. We knew that many infection can spread out by contact, for example, SARS, MERS, Foot and Mouth Disease and Candida auris. Then, we decided to design door handle to public to prevent those infection to spread out and enhance public hygiene.

How it works

The working principle of the product is that a thin advenced photocatalytic coating could effectively decompose bacteria on the surface of a substrate. Since a consistent UV light source is required to activate TiO2 film for disinfection, a custom-designed generator is used to provide stable electricity to light up a UV LED lamp by motion of opening and closing door . Reflections of light could occur inside a transparent glass door handle to activate coating on the outer surface. Then, the door handle can sterillize and clean by itself.

Design process

We had made the first version by using stainless steel. However, it made the door handle and the generator heavier. Then, we change it into aluminium which can make it light and easy to install. We also improve the generator output which can convert kinetic energy into light source effectively.

How it is different

Our design is simple and effective. Nowaday, people use chemical cleaning material to clean up public area but it is easy to wipe off and harmful for human body. Our design has high durabiliy and effective. It can clean up itself after using. In the door lock and door handle market, it is unique design because there is no similar producrs.

Future plans

In the future, we will commericalize the product. We are going to connect with publice properties, for example shopping mall, hotel, hospital and public toilet where have higher risk to spread out infection. We also hope that can incoporate with Dyson to promote this product throught this competition.


Elevator Pitch Competion 2018 Tech Trend Winner The 66th Intel International Science and Engineering Fair Grand Award for Second Place in Materials Science The 44th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva Gold Award Hong Kong Youth Science & Technology Innovation competition Most Outstanding Exhibit

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